Dean & Sam Chains

It is always by way of pain one arrives at pleasure.

Lust's passion will be served; it demands, it militates, it tyrannizes.

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Cruel Intent - Chapter 3
Dean & Sam Chains

Title: Cruel Intent – Chapter 3
Author: Machiavelliande
Pairing: Evil Sam/girl Dean, John W./girl Dean
Rating: NC-17
Warning: het, incest, dom/sub, Daddy kink, role playing, restraints, spreader bar, toy
Disclaimer: We don't own Supernatural.
Summary: AU Sam Winchester has waited his whole life for a chance to get revenge on his sister Dee. She was the golden child. The chosen one who got to stay with mom while he was exiled with his domineering father. Sam doesn't just want to hurt his sister. He wants to destroy her.

A/N: This chapter starts with Dee and Sam and ends with a hot scene of Dee with John! Enjoy! Tay & Tia 

Cruel Intent

Dee's mom, Mary, had been very upset over the break up with Castiel. Dee had never gone against her mother's wishes before and Mary was livid. Dee stood her ground as her mother raged at her. The girl loved Colt and she wasn't going to give in to her mother's demand that she not see him again. At the end of her rant, Mary knew that Dee wasn't going to do as she said this time. Dee was in love and it had given her a strength and determination she had never known before. Mary hugged her daughter that she loved more than her own life and begged her to please be careful. Dee had heard that phrase thousands of time but she promised her mom, once again, that she would be.

Another week had passed and Sam decided it was time to push Dee's limits a little. This time when she arrived at his home he took her directly to the basement. She'd never been to the basement before and was eager to see what awaited her there. Sam opened the door to the large room in the back of the open area of the partially finished basement. As soon as Dee walked through the door, she stopped abruptly to look around. There were a couple of odd pieces of furniture in the room that Dee figured were made for bdsm sex play. There was a sex swing in one corner that made her eyes go wide as she imagined being strapped into it. There were chains with restraints hanging from the ceiling and from one wall. She also noticed a rather large metal rolling tray that was covered with a satiny black cloth.

What's under the cloth?” Dee asked in a small voice.

A surprise for you, Princess. The sooner you get your clothes off, the sooner I can show you.” Sam husked close to her ear.

Dee shivered with excitement and a tinge of fear as she began to quickly remove her sundress and sandals. Sam watched with growing lust as his sisters silken flesh was revealed to him. When she was completely nude, Sam grabbed her and claimed her lips in a bruising possessive kiss. Dee opened up to his kiss in complete surrender and Sam took what was offered so freely. Christ, she made him crazy. He wanted to devour her and hold her inside him. He wanted to fuck her til she was bleeding and broken. He wanted to worship at the feet of her angelic beauty. He wanted to slash her with a knife and destroy the face that haunted his dreams. It was sick, bent and twisted what he felt for her. In the end, it might just destroy both of them.

Sam growled into Dee's mouth as he ground his cock against her. She moaned and tried to press back against him. Sam broke off the kiss. His breath was coming in harsh gasps. He took her wrist and led her to the chains hanging from the wall. Dee raised her hands above her head and Sam buckled her into the leather cuffs attached to the chains. Then, he stood back to look at his baby sister. She was all silken skin and feminine curves that inflamed his lust for her. He moved in close, and began to run his large hand over her body, tracing the curve of her neck, tweaking her rosy nipples, caressing the flat plane of her stomach and down to the neatly trimmed mound of her sex which he cupped in the palm of his hand. His middle finger caressed her clit in slow circles. She shivered and mewled under his touch as she tugged against the chains.

You like this don't you Princess? You like being Daddies sex slave.” Sam husked into Dee's ear as she trembled with need under his touch.

Yes, Daddy. I would do anything for you, Daddy.” Dee declared.

Sam smiled wickedly. He would test her on that later. He reached lower and pressed his thick middle finger deep into her pussy. Her hot velvety box clung to him as he fingered her. Her breasts quaked as she shuddered under the sensual stimulation. Sam used his thumb and forefinger to thrum and pinch her clit as he continued to finger fuck her as deep as possible. Dee's breath was coming in soft gasps and she was mewling and trembling in response. Sam suddenly stepped away and Dee made a soft sound of protest.

She watched as he turned to the rolling metal table and pulled back the black cloth. Dee gasped at the array of restraints and toys on the large table. Sam chose ankled cuffs and a spreader bar and returned to her. He made short work of buckling the leather cuffs around her ankles and clipping them to the bar so her feet were a little more than shoulder width apart.

Sam ran his hands up the backs of her silky thighs and grabbed onto her firm ass cheeks. He leaned forward and licked her stomach up to her navel. He dipped his tongue in there and fucked it for a moment. Dee shifted a bit, pushing out her hips to direct his attention where she wanted him.

Eager, aren't you Princess?” Sam chuckled at her.

Yes, Daddy, need your mouth on me.” Dee moaned.

Sam dragged his tongue over her sensitive clit then sucked it into his hungry mouth as he plunged two fingers inside her wet pussy. Dee moaned long and loud as her body arched out from the wall pushing her sex against his face. Sam pulled his fingers out for a moment and plunged his tongue deep inside her core. He lapped up all her thick honeyed juice and vibrated his thick muscular tongue against her velvety walls. Dee was mewling and trembling above him. Sam went back to lashing her swollen clit with his tongue and pumping her deep with his thick fingers.
“I'm coming!” Dee cried out as the pleasure overwhelmed her.

Sam chose that moment to shove the index finger of his other hand into her tight ass and he shoved his tongue deep inside her pussy. Dee's whole body convulsed in the restraints as she came. Sam swallowed down the honeyed juice and licked his lips. He loved the taste of her come. She was hanging limply in the restraints now, breathing heavily.

Sam stood up, turned to the table and grabbed a ten inch vibrator. When he turned back to his sister, he turned it on and began to run it over her nipples. Dee gasped and pulled herself back up straight. Her nipples looked like rose colored bullets as Sam teased her with the toy. Sam abruptly moved the toy down to her clit and Dee cried out at the sensation. He teased her for a moment more before he moved the vibrator to her dripping opening. Sam watched her face as he shoved it hard inside her. Dee's face contorted at the invasion of her core and her body arched like a bow. Sam nailed her brutally hard and fast with the rigid plastic toy. There was nothing his baby sister could do but take it. He knew she was going to come again soon. Sam used his body to pin her back against the wall as he sucked and licked her nipples while continuing to impale her on the toy.

Dee's body went rigid and she screamed softly as she reached her climax again. Her whole body was twitching and shivering with after shocks from the intensity of her orgasm as Sam undid the buckles on her wrist cuffs. He picked her up and carried her to one of the custom made benches. Dee was on her forearms, ass in the air and knees still shaking as she felt Sam press his rock hard cock against her still spasming pussy.

Tell me want you want, Princess.” Sam husked in his deep voice that turned her to putty in his hands.

I want your cock, Daddy. Please give it to me.” Dee begged as she swayed her heart shaped ass invitingly.

Sam shoved his thick throbbing prick inside her as he pulled on her shoulders to force her onto him as the same time. Dee cried out and then tried to breathe past the pain. Sam fucked her ruthlessly without mercy. He knew he was hurting her and he wanted to. She made him feel too much and he was punishing her for that. He wanted to rip her apart and fuck her soul. He wanted to release his dark seed into her soul and corrupt her from the inside. Then, Dee's voice reached his consciousness.

Please, Daddy, you're hurting me.” She cried.

Sam stopped pumping into her like a beast. He grew still and quiet. A part of him was wondering why he had stopped. Another part of him wanted to reassure her. He released his bruising grip on her slim hips and gently ran his large hands along her sides soothing her.

Shhh, Princess, I got you.” Sam purred softly in her ear as he continued to pet her. He waited until she was calm and relaxed before he began to thrust again. He was slow at first. He built up speed and power as she became excited again and was ready for more. Dee started to rock back and forth and Sam loved watching his cock disappear inside her. He reached around her and began to play with her clit again as she mewled her need to come. Sam was right there with her. He buried his throbbing cock deep in her pussy as she clamped down on him tightly and came with a small scream. Sam roared as her clutching inner muscles milked his seed until he was dry.

An hour later, they were sitting on the sofa in Sam's entertainment room talking.

There's something I want you to do, Dee.” Sam said solemnly as he looked into her glowing jade eyes.

Anything for you, Colt.” Dee declared as she smiled up at him.

I want you to be with a real Daddy and tell me all about it.” Sam said as his eyes darkened with something Dee couldn't name.

You want me to have sex with someone else?” Dee asked astonished at the suggestion.

I want to take you to San Antonio, Texas with me this weekend. We'll find a real Daddy for you there. I think you'll enjoy this, Dee.” Sam said with a bright dimpled smile.

I will do it, if it pleases you.” Dee replied still a little uncertain.

Sam knew his father was working a job in small town about 45 minutes out of San Antonio. The town held a sentimental attachement for John Winchester. He and Mary had spent a three day weekend there celebrating their first wedding anniversary. Sam knew his father wouldn't be able to resist going into town and visiting the fancy hotel they had stayed at. When he did, Dee would be there to seduce him. Oh yes, she'd get to be with a real Daddy alright, hers!


Dee sat in the lounge of the Riverwalk Plaza Hotel and sipped her margarita. She was nervous about doing this. She'd never picked anyone up in a bar and she didn't know what to say or do. Sam had coached her but she still felt unsure of herself. They had been in the lounge for about an hour watching people come through the door. Finally, a tall ruggedly handsome man in a dark suit with a neatly trimmed beard and mustache had walked in the lounge. Sam had tensed beside her for a moment. “

That's the one. There's your Daddy.” Sam had whispered into her ear. Then, he had slipped away and left her to do this all on her own.

John Winchester walked into the lounge of the Riverwalk Plaza Hotel with his mind preoccupied by memories. He had dressed in his best suit and smartened himself up to come here. He remembered how Mary had seemed to be lit up from the inside that night while they drank and danced and celebrated their love. He felt someone's gaze and looked up to see a lovely young blond checking him out. John knew he shouldn't pursue the gorgeous blond sitting at the bar but he had needs and it had been far too long. He made his way across the room to where she was sitting. He looked at the blond then the empty chair beside her. “Where's your date?”

He stood me up. I should just go up to my room but I don't want to be alone tonight.” Dee replied in her soft breathy voice as she looked up into the man's sexy dark eyes. She felt a deep spark of attraction for the man and was glad Colt had chosen him.

John couldn't mistake the invitation in her glowing jade eyes or the tone of her lilting voice. His dick twitched in his pants. “A gentleman never lets a lady drink alone.” John said smoothly.

I have champagne in my room. It seems a shame to let it go to waste.” Dee said as she smiled up at him invitingly.

John moved back, helped her off the high bar stool and said, “Now that's an offer I can't refuse.”

They walked together to the elevator and Dee turned to look up at the dark haired man. “I was wondering. Would it be okay if I called you Daddy?” She blushed prettily as she asked.

Sweetheart, you can call me anything you want. What would you like me to call you?” John asked feeling his heart rate speed up at the suggestion.

Dee thought for a second. It didn't seem right to have him call her Princess like Colt did. “I'd like you to call me Baby.”

Baby it is.” John husked in his deep smokey voice as the elevator stopped and they got off to walk down the hall to Dee's room. John's eyes were locked onto the sensual sway of Dee's hips as he followed her. She had an awesome body. He couldn't wait to see more of it.

They walked in the door and headed over to the brocade sofa. There was a bottle of Moet and Chandon champagne sitting in an ice bucket on a glass table in front of it. John took off his suit jacket and threw it over the back of the sofa. Dee sat down and poured them each a glass of champagne. She was surprised at how well this was going and how much she wanted the man next to her.

They looked at each other over the rims of their glasses as they sipped the chilled champagne. John had always thought blue eyes, like Mary's, were the most beautiful but looking into this lady's glowing jade orbs he felt mesmerized. Her pink tongue peeked out and licked her lips nervously. The sight of it made John even harder. She was amazingly sensual even though she didn't seem to be vamping it up. Dee's eyes glanced down to the obvious bulge in his pants and she looked up quickly to find his intense eyes on hers. She blushed deeply at being caught looking. Before Dee could say anything, John took her glass, set it on the table with his and pulled her into his arms.

He kissed her gently at first loving the lush feel of her cupid bow lips under his. Dee ran her hands up his chest then clasped them behind his neck as he pulled her closer. Her firm breasts and taut nipples were pressed against his hard chest and he slipped his tongue deep into her mouth and captured hers. He sucked on her tongue softly, at first, then harder. Dee moaned into his mouth as jolts of pleasure raced trough her abdomen. John's skilled fingers found the zipper to her cocktail dress and pulled it down in one smooth glide.

Dee wanted out of the dress so she could feel more of him. She pulled back and stood up letting the whispery silk drop to the floor. John took in a deep breath as he stared at the blond in her silky thigh high hose, black lace panties and matching bra. She looked like a model for Victoria's Secret. She joined him on the sofa again and started to undo the buttons of his white dress shirt. John was kissing, licking and nibbling the satiny smooth skin along the blond's neck. She tasted like honey and sunshine and John couldn't get enough.

Dee pulled John's shirt free from his slacks and helped him get it off. She straddled his lap and kissed him hard as she lowered herself to rub her lace clad bottom against his hard cock. John groaned loudly at the sensation of her pert ass rubbing against his thick cock. He reached behind her and smoothly unsnapped Dee's bra. John latched onto a pink nipple and made her moan in reaction to his teasing tongue and sucking mouth. Dee moaned her pleasure and ground down on his cock again. John's right hand traced over the black lace covering Dee's sex. When he found her clit, he pressed against it and rubbed. He continued to suck and nibble her nipples as he teased her by pressing the lace of her panties even harder against her clit.

I wanna taste you Daddy.” Dee declared in her breathy voice and backed off John's lap. She eased up between the v of his legs and looked up at him. Her desire was evident in her liquid jade eyes as she licked her lips and undid his belt. She carefully unbuttoned and unzipped his suit pants. She gently pulled down his boxers and moaned as his long throbbing shaft popped free. John raised his hips so they could get his slacks and boxers further down his thighs.

Dee leaned over and licked his throbbing prick from the base to the tip. She swirled her tongue around the bulbous swollen head to lick up the pre come. John groaned as his cock disappeared in her mouth and her lips tightened around him.

Dee sucked hard bobbing up and down along the full length of his thick rod. She was savoring the musky male scent and taste of him as she swallowed him deep.
John leaned back and let her pleasure him. God, she was so beautiful and that mouth was like heaven. Dee pulled off his cock just long enough to suck his heavy balls into her mouth and laved them with her tongue gently. John groaned as she took his cock back in her mouth swallowing it down to the root in one smooth motion. He put his hand on the back of her head and held on as he started to thrust into her mouth. His thrusting became faster and he growled as he came deep in Dee's throat. She swallowed every drop and smiled up at him when the flow had ended.

John pulled her up and kissed her hard, plunging his tongue in her mouth and tasting himself. He slid his hands into her panties and caressed the silken skin on her pert ass. When John broke the kiss, he stood up and took off his remaining clothes. Dee smiled sexily at him and he picked her up in his strong arms and carried her to the king size bed. This was just like her dreams of her real daddy.

Oh, Daddy.” She purred softly against his neck.

John laid Dee down gently on the bed and quickly followed her. He kissed along the gorgeous curve of her throat loving the feel of her skin under his lips. He moved down to her firm breasts and paused to tease each one into an erect rosy peak of desire. John moved down further and eased between Dee's long legs. He reached forward and tugged at her lace panties. Dee raised her hips and he pulled them off and flipped them away. Dee put her legs over his shoulders and moved her hips sensually in invitation.

Please, Daddy. I want you to eat me.” Dee begged with a pretty pink blush on her cheeks.

Dear god, that made John hard enough to drive nails. He didn't know what it was about this girl but she made him crazy with desire. John teased her clit with his tongue and got her even hotter and wetter. He licked up and down her wet slit a few times to taste the female essence of her and found her nectar intoxicating. He couldn't resist plunging his tongue deep inside her and lapping up all the sweet juice inside her. He moved back to her clit and began to suck hard as he plunged two fingers inside her and pumped them hard and fast.

“I'm coming, Daddy.” Dee screamed as she tangled her hands into his thick hair and held him tight against her.

Dee's body bowed up and she shuddered as her orgasm crashed over her like a giant wave. John finally released her clit slid his tongue deep inside her velvety box to eat all her sweet nectar. Dee's warm pliant body trembled under him and she moaned softly. John finally pulled himself away from her sex and moved off the bed. He had an idea. He went to the table and brought the champagne bucket back with him along with one glass. He put them on the night stand then he moved over Dee's still shivering body. He took a sip of the champagne then leaned down to kiss Dee's sensitive nipples. She shuddered when John's cold mouth met her passion inflamed flesh.

John moved up again and grabbed the glass he tipped it slowly over Dee's body. The cold liquid dripped onto her breasts and filled her navel. John placed the glass back on the table and began to lick and suck the champagne off of Dee's body. She moaned and writhed under him. John reached over and grabbed a piece of ice from the ice bucket. With a decidedly wicked grin, he traced Dee's nipples and along her abdomen to her clit. She trembled and shivered beneath him her wanton body on fire with need.

Fuck me, Daddy! Please! I need your cock!” Dee cried out when she couldn't take anymore of the intense stimulation.

Do you have condoms?”

In the drawer.” Dee said pointing to the nightstand.

John quickly pulled the condom down over his dick and climbed back between the beautiful girls legs. He pushed her legs up against her chest and met her lust blown eyes as he drove his cock deep inside her molten core. They both moaned as pumped into her hard and deep. John could hardly believe how hot and tight she was. It was heaven burying himself to the hilt inside her. Her pussy gripped him in her velvety hot depths and her incredible body arched up to meet his powerful thrusts. The whole world fell away from John. He forgot about everything but this moment. He was totally lost in the sensations and feelings he got from this girl, he didn't know, who was giving herself to him so completely. John hadn't felt this way during sex since he'd been with Mary. His orgasm pooling hotly at the base of his spine, took his total attention. Dee's velvety box was molded to every contour of his thick shaft as he impaled her over and over again. They came together explosively both of them crying out and holding onto each other as if they were drowning. John's arms gave out and he collapsed beside her breathing heavily. He couldn't remember the last time he had felt this damn good.

Baby, you're awesome.” He husked and kissed her hard for a moment before having to pull back to breathe.

Let's go again, Daddy.” Dee suggested in her soft breathy voice as her delicate hands traced patterns in the hair on his chest.

John chuckled at her eagerness. Christ, she's sexy. He thought as he looked into her luminous green eyes. “Let me catch my breath and have a drink, Baby.”

I'll give you a drink, Daddy. Just lay on your back for me.” Dee purred softly.

John was curious what she had in mind as he laid back. Dee straddled his head and picked up the glass of champagne. She tipped it so it poured down between her breast, along the flat plane of her stomach, over her mound and off her clit into John's waiting mouth. She giggled as John got a mouthful then swallowed. Damn, this girl made him crazy! He was already rock hard again and aching for more of her.

Are you ready for me now, Daddy?” Dee asked with a naughty grin.

More than ready, Baby.”

Dee backed down his body and got into position over his cock. He loved that she still had the silky thigh high stockings on. She reached for his cock and smacked it against her clit a few times. They both gasped and John's cock twitched in her hand. Dee gave him a devastating smile as she tore open a condom package and rolled it down over his throbbing prick. She positioned him at her opening and lowered herself down to take just the crown inside her. Dee clamped down on him and smiled.

Now, Daddy, fuck me!”

John thrust up hard and she pushed down on him. As their bodies met, they both moaned loudly. Dee leaned forward and braced her hands so she could bounce up and down on his thick shaft. She loved seeing the pure bliss in his face as her inner walls clung to him. John cupped her breasts in his hands and leaned up to suck on her nipples. Dee pulled up and pressed down in a steady rhythm. At the end of each downward movement she rocked her sinuous hips.

John moaned around her nipple before he released it and began to thrust up hard into her as she rode him. He grabbed onto her slim hips as he filled and stretched her with his thick cock. His hands moved back to grasp her fim cheeks and knead them for a moment. Then, his right index finger was pressing in beside his cock getting it wet with her juice. John dipped the wet finger into her cleft and pressed inside the hot channel of her ass. He pumped the finger in and out in time with the thrusts of his cock deep in her pussy.

The dual stimulation overwhelmed Dee and she cried out. “I'm coming, Daddy!”

That's it! Come with me, Baby!” John commanded in his deep smokey voice.

He drove his cock all the way to the hilt inside her velvet box and held it there as her pussy pulsed around him. She leaned back and spanked her clit with her fingers so the vibrations ran through her to him. John shouted as he came so hard he nearly blacked out from the intensity. He was a bit shocked as that had never happened to him before. It took Dee a few moments to compose herself enough to climb off of him, remove the condom and dispose of it in the trash bin by the bed. She snuggled up beside him and gave him surprisingly chaste kiss on the lips.

Thank you, Daddy.” She purred softly against his neck.

You're more than welcome, Baby.” John replied as he let her warmth seep into him and fell into the first peaceful sleep he'd had in years.

Dee knew she had to leave now. Colt had been very specific that she leave while the man was sleeping. She got dressed and looked back at the handsome man on the bed. There was something about him that called out to her. She wanted to stay with him a while longer. Dee picked up a piece of the hotel stationary and wrote Baby and her phone number. She put it in the pocket of his slacks with his keys. She knew she shouldn't do it but she couldn't help herself. Dee paused at the door and looked back at him one last time before she sighed deeply and walked away.


A/N – If you're enjoying the story, please let us know! Thanks! Tay & Tia


You guys take my breath away with this story! I love it!!

I think Evil Sam and Dee are breathtaking! =)

I love John and Dee together almost as much as I love Sam and Dee together! Love this super sexy chappie! *fans self*

I adore Big Daddy Winchester1 I'm thinking he could be my Daddy anytime! *pants* =) Tia

Holy cow!!!

Another AMAZING chapter!!

Thank you!!

You are very welcome! Thanks for commenting! *hugs* Tia

I love that Sam can't be a cruel to Dee as he intended. Sam and Dean are my OTP, so I always want them together.

I just hope Sam will do the right thing in the end, and just love Dee.

More chapters please, I beg you:-D

Sam is surprised at his emotional response to Dee. He doesn't want to have feelings for her but he can't seem to help himself!
There is angst ahead! Please hang in there! *hugs* Tia

I have a bit of a Daddy Kink Myself and love John! *woot* Thanks for that smoking scene!

He is an awesome Daddy! Love that man! *rawr* Tia

I am gonna have some Sweet Dreams tonight! Fab Update!

Enjoy your Sweet Dreams! *smile*

Oh yeah, Wincest is best with Sam & Dee & John! *yum*

I knew you would like the Daddy Kink! He He! *hugs* Tia

I do love some sexy Daddy Winchester! *rawr* Thanks for this!

Oh Yeah, Big Daddy Winchester is the bomb! *woof*

I would collar Dee and keep her by my side!

You'd collar Dee & Sam! *grin*

holy moly!! *fans self*

*hands you ice water* I'm glad you liked it! =) *hugs* Tia

I am so hooked on this! More Please!

Happy to hear it! *hugs* Tia

So damn happy to see this post! Total sensual delight!

Mmm...Sensual Delight! Love that! =)

Love Evil Sam and Love Big Daddy Winchester! Awesome Update!

Yeah, I love them too! *hugs* Tia

Nose bleed lack of oxygen to my brain damn this was something else.

Hope you've recovered! So happy you're enjoying the fic! Tia


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