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Jared's Birthday Bang
Dean & Sam Chains

Title: Jared's Birthday Bang
Authors: Machiavelliande & Lady Boy Drew
Pairing: J2, J3, J2/Misha, Jensen/Jeff/Matt, Misha/Matt (It's kind of a Birthday orgy)
Rating: NC17
Warning: slash, threesomes, bottom Jensen, bottom Matt, hummers, rimming, double penetration, role playing, group sex
Disclaimer: We don't own any of the J's, Misha, Matt or any variation there of.
Summary: Jared and Jensen need to spice up their relationship and Jared's birthday party seems the perfect time to do it. Jeff, Misha and Matt are more than willing to join in the sexy fun.
A/N: Drew and I are RPG buddies. I'm toppy Sam or Jared to his sub Dean or Jen. We were speculating about how we wanted to celebrate Jared's Birthday and this was the result! XXX Damon & Drew


Jared's Birthday Bang

Jared and Jensen had been together for seven years and were beginning to feel the first twinges of the seven year itch. They knew they had to do something or their relationship would be in trouble. Jared's birthday was coming up and he pitched a wild idea to Jensen as to how he'd like to celebrate it. Jensen was a little shocked at first but warmed up to the idea. After all, what was a little sexual role playing among friends?

One month later...

Jensen was getting into character. He was supposed to be a male escort hired to entertain Jared and a couple of their friends on his birthday. Jared had hinted that there might be another 'escort' showing up later but wouldn't tell Jensen who.

Jensen had gone out and bought some skin tight black jeans and a jade green silk shirt to wear. He'd had his hair highlighted so he was blonder than usual. The blond had changed at a friend's house so Jared would be surprised when he saw him. Jensen was a little nervous as he walked up to his own front door. He hoped that this fantasy role playing worked for him, Jared and their friends. It felt like they were taking a risk here, but that only added to the elicit excitement.

Jensen rang the doorbell at precisely 9:00 pm and waited for someone to answer. The door swung open and Jeffrey Dean Morgan was standing there looking at Jensen appraisingly.

You must be the guy from the escort service. Come on in. The Birthday Boy is waiting.” Jeff said in his deep rumbling voice that always made Jensen hot.

Yeah. I'm Ross.” Jensen replied in a soft southern drawl as he followed Jeff into the entertainment room. Jensen couldn't help the electric surge of excitement he felt as he entered the room and saw Jared and Misha.

Jared and Misha looked over as Jeff and Jensen walked in the door. The two friends exchanged a look then walked over to the new arrival.

Jay, Mish, this is Ross from the escort service.” Jeff introduced Jensen.

Damn! You are fine! Those photos on the internet didn't do you justice.” Jay declared as he looked Jensen over with lust darkened eyes.

Thank you.” Jensen replied, blushing under the intense gazes of his lover and friends.

Take your clothes off, Ross. We want to see the total package.” Jared husked as he stared at his gorgeous partner.

Jensen slipped off his shoes then started to unbutton his silk shirt. He could feel Jay's, Jeff's and Misha's eyes on him. He had to keep breathing deeply to calm himself. He could hardly believe they were actually going to do this!

When Jensen was completely nude, Jay walked over to him. “Don't worry, sexy boy. We aren't gonna hurt you. You're gonna love this and dream about it later.” Jay husked as he placed a large hand on the back of Jensen's neck and pulled him in for a kiss. Jay forced his tongue between Jensen's lips and tasted of him deeply. Jensen moaned into the kiss and Jay began to run his hands over the blond tracing every dip and curve of his taut body. The taller man broke the kiss and said, “Undress me. Jeff, Mish, you might as well get naked too. It's time to really get this party rolling!” Jay declared.

Jensen undressed Jay quickly and they moved to the sofa. Jared sat down and pushed Jensen down to his knees. “Time for you to get a taste of the Padacock, Ross.” Jay said as he pressed Jensen's head down towards his leaking prick.
Jensen practically worshipped Jay's cock so he was more than willing to take his huge prick deep in his throat. Jeff and Misha were nude now and watching the action from a couple feet away. They both gasped when Jensen swallowed Jay's thick shaft all the way down to the base. Fuck, that was hot! Jay saw the expressions on Jeff and Misha's faces and grinned. Then he leaned back, closed his eyes and enjoyed the hummer. Jensen was sucking, humming and laving Jay's prick with wild abandon. He really did love sucking cock, especially Jay's cock.

You are a greedy cock slut, Ross! I like that. I like that a lot.” Jeff said as he stroked his own throbbing prick.

That is so damn hot!” Misha groaned as he watched Jensen work Jay's cock.
Jensen knew Jay was close so he doubled his efforts and sucked harder and bobbed up and down faster on his lover's thick shaft.

Unh! God!” Jay yelled as he pumped a thick stream of come into Jensen's mouth.

When he'd swallowed every drop of the thick salty fluid, Jensen pulled off Jay's prick with a loud pop. He looked up at the glowing well satisfied face of his lover and smiled.

You are a world class cocksucker, Ross! Now show my friends some attention.” Jay commanded.

Jensen turned so he was facing Jeff and Misha. He took Jeff's cock in his mouth first and got him marble hard then he switched to Misha. It was wild and exciting doing this with their friends. Jensen was rock hard and aching with need. Jeff and Misha had always had a desire for Jensen and Jay. They could hardly believe this was actually happening. Jay watched for awhile surprised at how hot he got watching Jensen go down on their friends.

Let's switch this up a bit. Ross get on your hands and knees facing the back of the sofa. Jeff and Mish stand behind the sofa so he can continue to suck you. I've got to get a taste of that hot ass.” Jay declared as they all moved to do the Birthday Boy's bidding.

Jay knelt down behind Jensen took hold of his ass cheeks and spread them apart. He leaned in and began to link the pink bud of Jensen's opening. Jensen shivered and moaned as Jay pressed his long thick tongue in. Jay began to tongue fuck Jensen hard and deep causing the blond to moan deeply and press back against him. Jeff and Misha stepped closer to the back of the sofa and Jensen began to switch between their cocks again as Jay rimmed him.

Jay felt Jensen relax, he added a couple long fingers and stretched the blond to prepare him. Jensen knew when Jay pulled away and he felt the cool lube being pressed into him that his partner would be deep inside him soon. He looked up at Jeff and Misha's lust glazed eyes and wondered how they would react to that.

Jay lined up with Jensen's pucker and began a steady pressure that forced the engorged head of his cock past the furled muscle. Once he was in, he kept thrusting til he was buried completely in the blond's hot tight ass.

Damn! So fucking good!” Misha said and he thrust harder into Jensen's hot, wet mouth.

I think Ross likes being stuffed full of cock.” Jeff declared with a wicked grin.

When Jay felt Jensen's body relax around him, he drew his cock out and slowly pushed it back in. Jensen bagan to push back and forth between Misha and Jay taking both their cocks deep inside. Misha lost control soon and came in quick jets that coated Jensen's throat for several seconds. When he pulled out, Jeff was right there to replace him. Misha moved so he could have a better view of the action. Jay and Jeff pumped in and out of Jensen in a counter rhythm that was making the blond crazy. Jay couldn't hold back his orgasm any longer. He power thrusted, drilling into Jensen hard and deep before pulling out to come all over his back. Seeing that pushed Jeff right over the edge and he came hard, shuddering through his orgasm. Jay sat back to catch his breath and was shocked when Misha came over and licked his come off of Jensen's back until there was no trace of it.
“I had no idea you were a cumslut.” Jay husked.

What you don't know about me could fill a blog.” Misha said with a wicked smile and dancing eyes.

Just then, Matt Cohen stepped in the room. “I was sent here for Jared Padalecki's birthday party, I'm Col.” He announced as he walked in the door.

Jensen turned and took in a sharp breath when he recognized the young actor. So that had been Jared's surprise! Jared knew that Jensen had flirted a bit with the dark haired actor when he'd been on set. Jensen was happy to see him here and wondered what Jared had in mind for them.

Take your clothes off, Col, and join the party.” Jared commanded.

Matt shucked his clothes quickly and stepped over to the couch.

Ross, lay back and pull your knees up to your chest. I want to watch Col blow you.”

Jensen got in position and Matt settled on his knees in front of the sofa. The younger man took hold of Jensen's thick leaking prick and began to lick all the precome off. Jensen arched up wanting to bury his throbbing cock in the wet heat of Matt's mouth. Jay gave Jeff a meaningful look and he got behind Matt and started prepping him with his fingers. Jeff had had his eye on the young actor since he walked in. Misha took Jay's half hard cock in his mouth as Matt took Jensen deep in his throat. Jensen and Jared moaned long and loud at the same time. They looked at each other, their lust blown eyes locked and they smiled at each other. This was working better than they had expected.

Are you ready for me, Boy?” Jeff asked as he pulled his fingers out of Matt's tight channel.

Matt wiggled his ass in invitation and Jeff didn't hesitate to plunge deep into his well muscled ass. The younger man went rigid for a moment until his body got over the shock of the invasion. Jensen felt him tense and stilled his thrusting until Matt was relaxed and ready for him to start again. When Jeff was all the way in, he stopped for a moment to allow Matt to adjust to the thick cock buried inside him. Matt slowly began to move back and forth between Jensen and Jeff. The two men looked at each other nodded and began to thrust again.

Jared was surprised how easily Misha was swallowing his cock. “You've done this before.”

Misha pulled off for a moment. “Yeah, this and a lot of other things.”

Jared groaned when Misha took his cock all the way in and swallowed him deep into his throat. He watched as Matt was stuffed with cock from both ends by Jeff and Jensen. “Fuck that's hot.” he growled.

Jensen hadn't come yet and he was on the ragged edge of losing control. Usually he could hold back for a long while but this whole scenario had him going crazy with the need to come. “Oh, god! I'm really close.” He bit out as Matt hummed around his cock.

Matt sped up and so did Jeff. As Jensen started to come deep in Matt's mouth, Jeff was exploding in Matt's tight ass. They all rode out their orgasms together until they were spent. Matt released Jensen's softening prick and Jeff pulled out and moved to the sofa beside the blond. Jared came hard watching them. When he had recovered sufficiently, Jared told them to all get drinks and relax for a few minutes.

After their little breather. Jared sat back on the couch and told Ross to ride him like a rodeo queen. Jensen faced Jay and straddled his muscular thighs. He looked into Jay's eyes as he lowered himself slowly to take just the head of his lover's cock inside him. Jensen took a deep breath trying to relax but Jay had other plans. He took ahold of Jensen's shoulders and pressed down impaling the blond on his rigid shaft. Jensen's eyes flew wide and he gasped for air.

C'mon, Ross, show me what you got.” Jared taunted.

Jensen held Jay's hot gaze as he began to pull up and push down with sure measured movement. He added in a few swivels of his sinuous hips as he found his rhythm. Jay laid back and enjoyed the view of Jensen riding him while Matt went down on Jeff and Misha. Jeff met Jay's blue green eyes and they nodded at each other. Jeff walked away from Misha and Matt and walked up behind Jensen. Jensen's eyes widened when Jeff's hand pressed down on his back pushing him against Jared's chiseled chest. Jensen looked into Jared's eyes and the younger man smiled reassuringly at him. Jensen relaxed into the circle of his arms as he felt Jeff press two fingers coated in lube in beside Jared's slick prick. He felt the familiar stretch and burn. Jared kept touching him and kissing him to let him know it was okay.

Jeff got into position and pressed the head of his cock in slow and steady. Jensen breathed through the pain and held on tight to Jay. Once Jeff got the head in, it was easier to press the rest of his rigid shaft in along side Jay's. They both touched, kissed and reassured Jensen until he had relaxed and was ready for them to move. Jeff and Jared set up a rhythm and adjusted position until Jeff was nailing Jensen's prostate with each deep thrust.

Oh, yeah, that's it! Don't fucking stop!” Jensen growled between them.

Jay smiled and said. “Did you hear that, Jeff? Ross loves being double stuffed!”

I'm gonna call him, Sugar, cause he gives it up so sweet.” Jeff remarked.

A few feet away Misha had Matt bent over the arm of the love seat and was plowing into him hard and deep. Matt was pressing back to meet each thrust and encouraging the older man to fuck him harder. Misha was only too happy to give him what he wanted.

Jensen felt like every pleasure circuit in his body was being tripped. Electric arcs were shooting through his system and short circuiting his brain. He wanted to hold back. This was all so damn intense and he wanted it to last.

Jay caught Jeff's gaze over Jensen's shoulder and nodded to him. They both sped up their thrusts and Jensen cried out.

I'm gonna come! Oh, god!”

His body seized between them clamping down on their cocks and triggering Jay and Jeff to come with him.

Misha was pumping a thick load of cream into Matt who was shuddering beneath him. Misha leaned over the younger man pinning him to the love seat. He bent down and kissed, nibbled and licked his neck. Matt sighed and turned his head farther to kiss the older man.

Jensen, Jay and Jeff were locked together in a tight embrace as the aftershocks of their orgasms ran through them. When they finally pulled apart, Jeff and Jay were careful as they pulled out of Jensen who was lying limply between them. Jay looked over at Misha and Matt and smiled. It looked like everyone had gotten a bang on his birthday.

Hey guys, I think it's time to hit the showers.” Jay declared and everyone whole heartedly agreed.

Misha, Matt and Jeff headed upstairs to the guest rooms. Jay picked Jensen up and carried him to the master bedroom. He sat the blond down in the shower and Jensen looked up at him.

Were you satisfied with how your party turned out?” Jensen inquired as he gazed into his lover's blue green eyes.

Extremely satisfied. You were awesome, Jen!” Jared declared and kissed Jensen deeply.

They took their time soaping each other up and rinsing each other off. It was sort of a delicious tease and they both enjoyed it. When they went downstairs, the others had gone but they had left a card and a gift basket. Jared pulled off the red paper and laughed. The basket contained flavored lube, heating massage oil, a remote controlled dildo, a vibrating cock ring, fur lined handcuffs, a blindfold, two snap on cock rings, a come thru penis plug, a flogger and Japanese drip candles.
“What do you want to try first?” Jensen asked as he picked up some of the items and looked them over.

We've got all weekend, Jen. I'm gonna try them all!” Jared declared with a huge dimpled smile.

Jensen returned the smile and hoped like hell he would be able to walk onto the set of Supernatural on Monday.

A/N: If J2 ever have a Birthday Bang like this one, we wanna be on the guest list! XOX Damon & Drew

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Count me in too LOL!!

AWESOME story!

*big hugs*

You gotta admit, that would be one hell of a Party! I'd never want to leave! *wicked smile*

Oh baby, you hit all my buttons with this one! And that gift basket - what fun! I'd better be on that guest list, too!

Nothing I like better than pressing a ladies button! That would be a party to remember! *licks lips* *naughty grin*

Glad you liked it! I would love to attend that party!

*fans self* Awesome!!

Thanx! Glad you enjoyed the party!

You always bring the heat and this nearly melted my laptop! You and Drew are amazing!


I love the heat! You know that! Thanks Dude!



Glad you enjoyed it, Babe!

You've wrecked my panties again! It is a habit with you! Damn, this burned me up!

You do know, I love to wreck panties! *evil grin*

Oh Dear God, I love how you write Porn! *droolz* You are the MAN! *bows adoringly at your feet*

You know I get all sorts of illicit thoughts when someone gets on their knees. *smirk*

I really wanna attend that Birthday Party! *whew* So HOT!

I'd love to attend that party too! *roar*

OMG!!! this was so HOT plus AWESOME!!! would it be alright if i add u as a friend so i could follow ur future fics??

I've friended you! Come back and read some more porn! I think you'll like it! *wicked smile*

Holy Hell, Damon! I think you melted my brain! God, you're good! Mmm.....

There is a danger of melting when things get too hot! I'm glad you liked the story!

I think we need to plan this party and soon! *smirk*

I seem to remember that your last party ended with the cops raiding the joint! We should let Xan plan the party!

Gods...count me in! I'll bring the ...uh...pussy...hahahahahahhahahahaah. (Oh God...can't believe I just said that! You are a bad influence!)

Shudders and purrs...double penetration, melts....That was EXTREME...LY HOT.
Better than watching porn, you make it so tangible! Good thing I'm at home right now...haha.

I love reading Male slash writing it's so different to female interpretations...It's interesting to note the some subtle some more obvious distinctions.

I'll definitely be checking out MSWDoI!

Thanks for this utterly debauched orgy fest.
Jared is the luckiest boy. Hugs xx

You gave me a much needed laugh this morning. Thanks! I've been told I'm a real bad boy but that just makes me a real good man! LOL!

There's something better than watching porn? Now you are hitting me where I live! I have to admit writing it is stimulating! *wicked grin*

I hope you enjoy The Male Room! I thought it was a great idea. I hope he gets a lot of guys to sign up!

I think a Birthday Orgy among friends is a wonderful thing especially if you have friends like Jared and Jensen!


Now that's how I want to celebrate my Birthday! Who's with me?

Dude, all you have to do is say when and where. I'll be there!

I think Jared got my Birthday Wish! DAMN!

He definitely got my Birthday Wish! *wicked smile*


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