Dean & Sam Chains

It is always by way of pain one arrives at pleasure.

Lust's passion will be served; it demands, it militates, it tyrannizes.

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Cruel Intent - Conclusion
Dean & Sam Chains

Title: Cruel Intent – Conclusion
Author: Machiavelliande
Pairing: Evil Sam/girl Dean
Rating: NC-17
Warning: het, incest, dom/sub, Daddy kink, role playing, chains, restraints, angst, spreader bar, non con, violence
Disclaimer: We don't own Supernatural.
Summary: AU Sam Winchester has waited his whole life for a chance to get revenge on his sister Dee. She was the golden child. The chosen one who got to stay with mom while he was exiled with his domineering father. Sam must decide whether to love his sister or destroy her.

A/N: Some angst here. Proceed with caution. We hope you enjoy the ending! Tay & Tia 


Cruel Intent

Sam was pacing in long angry strides when Dee joined him in their room a few moments after leaving her 'Daddy' sleeping.

Take a shower and change. We're going back tonight.” Sam commanded.

Colt, what's wrong? I did what you wanted me to do.”

Did you, Princess? Did you do exactly what I told you to do?” Sam's voice was low and dangerous.

Does he know about the phone number? Dee wondered but how could he?

If Sam actually thought his dad would call Dee, he'd have gone to the room and retrieved the note. He knew his dad and the only thing he could be bothered with was the current hunt. Dad wouldn't call Dee. Sam felt he should have expected Dee would feel a connection to their father. He should have foreseen that she would want to stay in contact with him. He was still angry that she had disobeyed him by straying from his orders. Sam just wanted to put this place in his rear view mirror as soon as possible. It was a twelve hour drive back to Lawrence, Kansas but Sam didn't care.

Dee got ready quickly. She didn't want to make Colt wait. When she came out of the bathroom changed and ready twenty minutes later, he was pacing. When Sam saw Dee come out of the restroom, he was relieved that she had been quick. He was ready to go now and didn't want to waste any time. There gathered all their things did one last check of he room and left.

Sam put on some heavy metal music at high volume when they got in his Mercedes. Dee got the message. He didn't want to talk. Sam only stopped twice for breaks on the twelve hour drive and he barely spoke to his sister either time. Dee was very upset but she didn't know what to do. She'd never seen Colt like this and she didn't want to say or do something that would make things worse between them.

By the time they reached Colt's home, Dee was a wreck. She was exhausted and emotionally overwrought. She didn't want to go home. She needed to go to her special place. Colt barely said goodbye to her as she gathered her things and got in her car. As Dee drove to the park at the edge of town, her vision was blurred from tears. Then, the rain started to come down in a torrent. Dee pulled over for awhile until the deluge lightened up and she could see the lines on the road again. Dee drove into the park and wound around til she got to the small lake at the far west side. She parked her car and got out in the rain. Dee didn't care if she got soaked in her sundress. She just wanted to have a few moments to clear her head.

Ruby was in the park with two other demons waiting for Dee. They were all wearing the meat suits of large muscular men. Ruby hadn't liked Sam telling her she couldn't have Dee. She wasn't going to let any meat suit tell her what she could do even if he was Azazel's favorite bastard child. This thing with Dee was gonna end here tonight. Ruby liked the powerful build of the man she was possessing. He was going to do a lot of damage to Sam's precious baby sister.

Hello, Princess!” Ruby called from a few feet behind Dee.

Dee was startled by a strange man's voice calling her Princess. She jumped and turned to see who was there in the rain. She saw a tall muscular man with dark hair and eyes walking steadily towards her. There was something menacing about the man that frightened Dee. She started to walk around the man to head back to her car. “I was just leaving.” Dee said as she started to walk by.

You're not going anywhere, bitch!” Ruby growled through the meat suit and grabbed Dee around the waist.

Dee screamed and fought but Ruby's meat suit was far too strong and pushed the young girl face down onto the rain soaked ground. The other two demons circled like sharks waiting for their turn to join the fun. Ruby took off her belt and looped it around Dee's neck. She signaled one of the other demon's and together they stripped Dee nude. The demons liked what they saw as Dee's pale curvy body was revealed to them. They all opened their pants and began to stroke themselves.

Hold her!” Ruby commanded as they turned Dee face up in the muddy area they had made.

The two demons got in position and held Dee down as Ruby's meat suit forced her legs apart and loomed over her.

Who's your Daddy now, Princess?” Rudy snarled as she held the head of the meat suit's massive tool against Dee's opening.

Who are you?” Dee asked wondering how this monster knew about Daddy and Princess.

You should be more concerned with what am I.” Ruby declared as her eyes turned black and she thrust deep into Dee's body.


Dee screamed and tried to move but the demons were too strong. Ruby tightened the belt around Dee's neck as she forced the meat suit's dick deep inside her. Dee's body started to convulse from lack of oxygen and Ruby smiled. She was really enjoying this.


Sam was sitting in his entertainment room drinking and thinking. He had a feeling that something was wrong with Dee. He shook it off as her being emotionally upset from the events of the past day. He decided to finish his drink then go to bed. He was sure he'd feel better about the whole thing tomorrow.


Ruby and the other two demons took turns with Dee over and over again. They were brutal with their pricks, fists and feet. When they were finished, they looked down at Dee's broken body on the muddy ground. Her face wasn't recognizable after they had landed blow after blow against it. Her body was covered in vicious bite marks and the beginning of bone deep bruises. Rain mixed with blood ran down the inside of her thighs and soaked into the ground beneath her. Her breathing had a liquid sound to it from the broken ribs puncturing her lungs. The demon's knew she had less than an hour to live. Ruby considered snapping the young blond's neck like a twig but she wasn't feeling merciful.

Goodbye, Princess.” Ruby said then disappeared into the darkness she had come from.


Castiel could feel that Dee was dying. He tore himself away from battle and descended to her side. He cupped her cold rain slick face in his hand and healed her then he removed the memory from her. Cas took Dee home and put her to bed. When she woke up, she wouldn't remember what had happened. Castiel had made sure of that. He had seen the demons who had brutalized her in her mind when he took the memory. As soon as Dee was safe in her bed, Cas went to smite the demons who had brutalized Dee and left her to die in agony alone.


When Sam woke up, his first thought was of Dee, as usual. He called her, woke her up and told her to be at his house in half an hour. He hurried through his morning routine to be ready for her. When Dee arrived, right on time, her hair was still damp from the shower. As soon as she was in the house, Sam slammed the door shut and pressed her up against it. He claimed her mouth in a hard bruising kiss as his hands roamed over her body branding her with his fiery touch. When Sam broke the kiss, he looked down at her. He had the oddest feeling something had happened to her but it was blocked from him and he couldn't see it. As usual, Sam was torn. Part of him wanted to strap her to a table downstairs and make her bleed with a scalpel. The other part wanted to bind her in chains and make her come so he could drink her sweet nectar.

Downstairs, Princess, it's playtime.” Sam husked as he picked Dee up and carried her down the stairs.

Sam could feel Dee's excitement as he took her into the back room in the basement. “I love it when you carry me, Daddy.” Dee purred softly against Sam's neck sending a thrill down his spine and making his cock twitch.

Christ, she got to him like no one else could. Sam set Dee on her feet under the chains hanging from the ceiling. “Get undressed, Princess, and lift your arms.”

Dee did as she was told and Sam buckled her in and made adjustments until her body was was pulled taut and the souls of her feet were starting to lift off the floor. Dee once again gave him the gift of her complete submission as she passively allowed him to strap her into the spreader bars at her ankles. Now she was totally at his mercy and Sam felt a surge of tenderness towards her that shocked him to his core. Why couldn't he just fucking hate her? Why did she have to be such a perfect sub giving him everything he had ever desired? The demon blood flared in him and he wanted to strike her and really hurt her. Sam plucked a leather flogger off the metal rolling table. He took a moment to let the leather tails brush over her lovely freckle dusted skin. He wanted to give her a taste before he moved behind her.

Sam raised his hand as he stared down at her heart shaped ass. His eyes turned black and he lashed out with the flogger bringing it down on her ass again and again and again. Dee cried out in pain and tried to moved out of the way of the blows but she couldn't. Sam saw the angry red marks raised on her pale flesh and he stopped beating her. He reached out to toucher her and she flinched away from the contact. Sam found he didn't want her to dread his touch. He wanted her to welcome it. His eyes were back to their normal blue green shade as he gently leaned forward and kissed Dee's neck. She was sobbing and that went straight through Sam.

Shhh, Princess, I'm gonna make it all feel so good now.” He reassured her.

Sam went back to work with the flogger, this time he used it to tease and caress and inflame her desire. Soon Dee was arching her back and pushing out her ass to take the leather tails. She was moaning and pulling against the cuffs as she threw her head back and closed her eyes. Sam stopped for a moment and moved in front of her to look at her. Dee's nipples were rosy erect peaks of desire, her eyes were blown black with lust, her face was flushed and her lips were deep red and swollen from his kiss. Christ, she's beautiful, Sam thought. He put his hand between her legs and dipped his middle finger into her slit. She was wet and ready for him.

The demon blood rose up inside him again and he aimed the flogger at her pussy. He brought it up between her legs so part of the handle hit her pussy and the tails slapped up against her ass cheeks from below. Dee screamed and tried to pull her body away from him. The sensation was too much and she was trembling and sobbing. Sam gave her a few more blows just like that one before his eyes changed and he stepped back for a moment breathing hard. God, she made him crazy! He threw the flogger on the metal table and turned back to his baby sister. He got down on his knees in front of her, sucked her swollen clit into his mouth and plunged two fingers deep inside her velvet box.

Sam pulled back for a moment. “Come for me, Princess! Give me your juice!”

Dee's body shook and trembled as she came hard with Sam's tongue licking deep inside her. Sam could feel the waves of sheer ecstasy pulse through her as he greedily drank down her sweet come. He was addicted to her and to this. He didn't want to kills his sister now. He wanted this with her. He wanted her. Sam unhooked Dee from the chains and spreader bar and lowered her with him to the floor. He held her on his lap for awhile until they were both calm.

Sam tilted Dee's face up and looked into her luminous jade eyes. His baby sister gazed back at him with open adoration and love. Again, he was torn, as part of him wanted to strike her and the other part wanted to love her. Maybe he could find a balance between the two. He felt complete when he was with Dee. She filled the void within him that had driven him to do horrible things. He had a real chance to be happy for the first time in almost two decades. Could he really destroy the only woman he had ever loved?

Dee reached up and gently touched Colt's face. He looked troubled and she wanted to soothe the lines from his fore head. Sam caught her hand in his and pressed it to his lips. When he pulled back, he looked into her eyes with a dark intensity.

Do you love me, Dee?'

Yes.” Dee answered without hesitation as she met his steady gaze.

Let's go upstairs.” Sam said. They gathered Dee's things and headed up to Sam's bedroom.

They stood by the bed. Dee still nude and carrying the marks of the flogging. Sam fully dressed as he reached into the night stand and pulled out a black rectangular jewelry case. Dee's eyes got huge as he handed the case to her. Her eyes met his silently asking permission to open it. Sam nodded his consent and she took flipped open the top to reveal a thick silver chain link necklace with intricate symbols engraved into the links. Dee touched the chain reverently and looked up at Sam with tears in her eyes.

You had this made for me?”

Yes, Princess. Now you must make a choice. If you decide to wear the chain, then you belong to me. You will obey me without question. You will travel with me as I continue my studies of the supernatural. You will be my lover, companion and partner fulfilling all my needs. I will take care of you and give you what you most desire. Or, you can leave. Your class will end and we will both move on. All this will become a memory and we won't see each other again. It's your decision.”

Do you love me?” Dee asked staring up earnestly into Sam's blue green eyes.

Yes, god help me, I do.” Sam answered honestly.

Dee held the necklace up to him. “Would you do the honors?”

Sam took the chain in a not quite steady hand and clasped it around her neck. He leaned down and kissed the chain and her neck. He couldn't speak there was too much emotion flowing through him. Sam couldn't wait any longer to have her. He started to take off his clothes and told Dee to get on the bed. She watched him undress with a stark yearning on her lovely face. Sam climbed on the bed and began to kiss, nuzzle and worship Dee's silken skin. His baby sister sighed and moaned and arched into his touch. The sight of his glowing silver chain encircling the sensual curve of his neck made him hard as marble.

The swollen dripping head of his cock was pressed against her wet welcoming opening but he hesitated for a moment before entering to look into her eyes.


Daddy, please! I need you inside me.” Dee cried out as her jewel toned eyes pleaded with him and she pulled her knees up against her chest.


Sam kept his eyes on hers as he thrust deep into her tight molten core. They both moaned loudly as Sam power thrust all the way into her hot velvety depths. Dee shuddered under him and squeezed him with her inner muscles. Sam looked down to where they were joined and groaned at the sight of her stretched tight around him.


Slap your clit, Princess. Make me feel it.” Sam commanded.


Dee reached her right hand down between them and slapped her clit making sure to touch the flesh where they were joined. Sam loved that sensation and began to piston his hips into her deep and hard. The room was filled with the sounds of their passion. Their moans, mewls, and groans were punctuated by the wet slap of skin on skin. Sam grabbed Dee's ankles forcing her legs into a wide v as he drilled into her over and over.


Sam's mind was in a whirl as he watched his cock impale his baby sister again and again. He wanted to whip her, hurt her, fuck her to death with the crazed lust between them. He also wanted to hold her, kiss her and love her for the rest of his life. It was all so fucked up in his heart and mind. The love and the hate and the hate and the love. Sam placed her legs over is shoulders and looked down into her jade eyes. He saw only love and desire there and he felt the balance tip inside him. Love was overcoming hate. The demon blood was suppressed and Sam opened his heart wider than it had ever been to let his baby sister in.


A few moments later, they came together and they were both crying tears of joy and release. Sam was propped up on his elbows so he wouldn't crush Dee beneath him. His softening cock was still inside her and her legs were wrapped tightly around him to keep him there.


I love you, Daddy.” Dee purred softly against Sam's ear.


I love you too, Princess.” Sam replied and meant it.


Sam almost couldn't believe this turn of events. Dee belonged to him. He could do whatever he wished and she would never leave him. She loved him. Sam would never be alone or lonely again.

A/N: We have enjoyed these characters and might revisit them sometime. We hope you enjoyed them too! Tay & Tia


Erotically Charged & Emotionally Satisfying!

I was completely captivated by this AU! The way you write dom/sub makes me want to find a Dom Sam of my own! Amazing Story! Thank you for sharing this! =D

Re: Erotically Charged & Emotionally Satisfying!

Thank You! Happy to peak your interest in the dom/sub world! We love it! Remember a hard Dom is good to find!
Tay & Tia

This fic has just sizzled and scorched from the first scene til the end! I love Sam and Dee together! I hope you will feature them again sometime!

We sure had a great time writing Sam and Dee together! Thank you!
Tay & Tia

AWESOME story from start to finish!!!

Thanks for all your Awesome comments! =)

I'd like to collar Dee for myself! Great job with the presentation of Sam and Dee in their Dom/sub roles! Damn Sexy!

I know how you love blonds and Dee would be just your type! I'm glad you enjoyed the story!

I had a Fab time reading this fic! I really need to find a Daddy to play with! ;)

I highly recommend finding a Daddy to play with! I love it!

*bounces* I have been waiting for this! I can feel that Sam is still conflicted but Dee is bringing out the good in him and I think they will make it together!

Yes, Sam still has demon blood so he's conflicted. He does love Dee though so he's willing to fight it for her!

Is there a masterpost or tag for this fic?

Here's the link to the first part of Cruel Intent and all other parts are linked from chapter to chapter! Thanks for commenting! I hope you enjoy the story!


Oh, I just loved this! *yum* Thanks so much! *hugs*

You're very welcome Sweetie! =)

Oh God! Loved this so much! *hugs* *twirls*

Twirls with you happily! Thanks!

OMG! I am so glad Cas saved Dee and smited that bitch Ruby!! I'm also happy Sam chose Dee at the end! YAY! I loved this Wild Ride!

Thanks for joining us for the wild ride! Yay for Cas, Sam and Dee!

I've had a great time with Sam & Dee! I hope to see them again!

We had a great time with them too! *hugs* Thank you!

Hot Sexy Dirty Fun! Great Read! I will look forward to more from you!

We certainly hope you'll come back for more! =)

More Sweet Dreams for Me Tonight!! Thanx!! *hugs*

Have yourself some lovely dreams Sweetie! *hugs*

You two are my Porn God & Goddess! I adore how you write d/s!
Whips & Nips

Thank You! We do love Porn! Do we get to wear crowns? LOL!
Tay & Tia

oh you must continue - because Sam is going to take Ruby out of total existence !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rest assured that Cas smited Ruby out of existence for hurting his beloved Dee. Sam can concentrate on taking care of his baby sister now!


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