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Dean & Sam Chains

It is always by way of pain one arrives at pleasure.

Lust's passion will be served; it demands, it militates, it tyrannizes.

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Forbidden Fruit
Dean & Sam Chains

Title: Forbidden Fruit
Author: Machiavelliande
Pairing: John/ Girl Dean
Rating: NC17
Warning: incest, het
Disclaimer: I don't own De or John or any variation there of.
Summary: De's life revolved around her father and brother. They were all she had in the world and she was their heart. John had developed an obsessive love for his first born that she returned. Neither of them could resist the temptation of forbidden fruit.
A/N: I have a bit of a fascination with Daddy Winchester and daughter De. XXX Damon

Forbidden Fruit

As soon as Sam left to do some research at the local library, John turned to his beautiful daughter, De. His love and lust for his first born was an obsession that he had given into several months ago. John had fought the yearning for as long he could, but he had been doomed to fall under De's sensual spell.

De's whole life revolved around her father and brother. They were her sun and moon and she was their heart. She would do anything, give anything, including her life for them. Their lives weren't like normal people's and she didn't believe that normal rules applied to them. De didn't believe that it was wrong to want her father and brother sexually. They were all risking their lives together to save innocent people. They depended on each other for everything. It seemed natural to her that sex would become part of that equation.

De felt her father's eyes on her. She shivered a little under the intensity of his dark stare. John walked to her with slow deliberate steps. They both knew what was going to happen but the anticipation made it even sweeter. John looked at his beautiful daughter standing there by the sofa in a run down rental home. She could have been a model, he thought. De's long blond hair fell in shimmering waves past her shoulders. Most of the time she wore it back in a ponytail to keep it out of the way during a hunt. John loved to see it down catching and reflecting the light. Her large jade green eyes met his openly as she slightly parted her perfectly curved lips in invitation. There were times when John was stunned by her natural beauty.

When he stood before De, he reached out and cupped her face in his hand. She closed her eyes and leaned into the gentle touch. They stayed that way for a moment each getting what they needed from the reassuring, loving touch. When John broke the contact, De turned and walked towards her bed room. John followed silently.

As soon as the door closed behind her father, De began to strip off her t-shirt, bra, jeans, and panties. John's dark hungry eyes drank in the sight of her firm round breasts, nipped in waist and lush hips. He hurriedly rid himself of his clothes and crushed her plump lips with his. He thrust his tongue deep into the wet heat of her mouth as De pressed her pliant body against him. They climbed onto the bed together getting frantic with need.

John moved down to suck and bite her rosy nipples as De writhed beneath him and moaned deep in her throat. De reached down between them and pressed the leaking crown of his cock against her opening. Both of them cried out as John drove his cock deep inside her and she pushed her hips up to meet his thrusts. De wrapped her body around John's. She wanted to take all of him inside her body and soul. The connection between them was so deep it seared her to the core of her being.

This was John's nirvana. The only moments that he was completely free and fully alive. He slowed down to prolong the pleasure and capture De's luscious lips in another hot kiss. This time, she took his tongue into her mouth and sucked on it hard. John could only take so much of that before he was pounding into De with relentless pistoning hips. They were totally absorbed in each other and the pleasure they were sharing. De cried out as she came and her body clamped down all around John. He couldn't hold back as he roared like a beast and exploded inside her. They clung together in the aftermath with John still buried deep within her.

Let's take a shower together.” De suggested as she nuzzled against John's neck.

They stepped into the shower together as De got the temperature just right. They kissed gently at first as they explored each other with their hands. The kiss deepened as John's cock rose hard and thick between them. De pressed her warm wet body against his trapping his thick rod between their slick bodies. John pulled away and turned De so that her back was to him. He reached around her to cup her full breasts and pressed his dick between her firm ass cheeks. De moaned as he tweaked her rosy nipples and kissed her neck. John's breath was warm on her neck as his lips and tongue moved over her silken skin. She sighed as one large hand moved down her smooth taut stomach to cup her mound. John's fingers caressed her then eased inside her. De placed her smaller hand on top of his as he pumped his fingers inside her and rubbed her clit with his thumb. De finally turned her body to face him, needing more. John grasped her muscular ass in both hands and lifted De up. He pressed her back to the wall as she guided his cock head to the hot wet center of her. John supported De's weight as she slipped down and impaled herself on his thick rod.

De wrapped her arms and legs around his body clinging to him. Her full breasts were pressed against John's chest as they kissed deeply. John kept his hands cupped under her ass as he thrust up into her hot velvety box. They moaned into each others mouths as John shoved deeper inside her tight wet core.

De pulled back from the kiss and stared at him with lust blown eyes. “Take me to bed, Daddy.” She commanded then bit down hard on the side of his neck.

John shuddered and his dick twitched inside her. No one but De would ever have the nerve to command him like that. He loved when she took control and told him what she wanted. He held onto her tight as he eased them out of the shower and over to the bed. Neither of them cared that they were dripping water all over the floor. They kissed deeply as he carried her over and laid her down on her bed. De's heels drummed on John's broad back as he began to pound into her. John grabbed her hands and pushed them above her head as he thrust into her deep and hard. He leaned in and claimed her mouth in a sloppy kiss as he enjoyed the feel of her erect nipples rubbing against his chest. John broke the kiss so he could tease her nipples and caress her firm breasts. He drove his cock into her relentlessly and De screamed as she came. A deep flush covered her chest and her body shuddered and shivered with the force of her climax. John buried himself to the hilt one last time and let his release flood deep inside her.

They held onto each other sharing sweet loving kisses in the after glow. Their still wet bodies were curled up comfortably close. Both of them filled with an overwhelming rush of emotion.

Love you, De.” John husked in his deep rich voice as he held his beautiful daughter tight in his arms. Losing her would be the sure path to his destruction.

Love you, Daddy.” De replied and cuddled up happily against her father's muscular chest. Here, in his arms, was the only safe place she had ever known.

OMFG! Damon! I Love Forbidden Fruit!

I actually squeed when I saw this! So very dirty bad wrong and totally YUMMY! Is it wrong that I want Daddy Winchester too?! Thanks for sharing your tasty Forbidden Fruit with us, Sexy!

Re: OMFG! Damon! I Love Forbidden Fruit!

I love your response to Daddy Winchester and De! I wish I could have heard you squee! *wicked smirk* I'd share my forbidden fruit with you anytime!

I'd like to sample that Forbidden Fruit myself! So Juicy!

You got that right, Dude! Juicy!

I adore Big Daddy Winchester! De is a lucky girl to have him for her own! *sigh*

Big Daddy Winchester is undeniably hot! De is a lucky girl!

Oh so very HOT! Love Daddy Winchester and De!!

I love your icon! Glad you enjoyed Daddy Winchester and De!

*whew* *fans self* You sure know how to pour on the heat!

I do love to bring the heat!

Daddy Winchester always gets me wet! Love this! *swoon*

Daddy Winchester is smoking hot!

You know what they say forbidden fruit is always the sweetest. So damn true!

I agree with you there, Buddy!

OMG!!!! this was HOT!!! totally loved tis :)

Glad you enjoyed the dirty bad wrong! *wicked grin*

Very nicely done, Damon! I enjoyed the forbidden fruit!

You always bring the heat! *whew* I'll be in the shower!

You shouldn't shower alone. I'll be right over! ;)

This is GREAT!!


Keep up the great work!

Hey! Good to see you enjoyed Daddy Winchester and De!

Mmmm...tasting forbidden fruit has never been sweeter!

Reading your stories is always a thrill! *droolz*

Thanks, Babe! *wicked smirk*

Ultra Hot as usual! Great Job!

Thanks! I knew you would enjoy it!