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Dean & Sam Chains

It is always by way of pain one arrives at pleasure.

Lust's passion will be served; it demands, it militates, it tyrannizes.

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You Belong to Me
Dean Seriously Sexy

Title: You Belong to Me
Authors: Machiavelliande
Pairing: Dean/Jensen
Rating: NC17
Warning: slash, Dom/sub
Disclaimer: We don't own Dean or Jensen or any variation there of.
Summary: Dean had turned thirty five a few months earlier. It had been a turning point of sorts for him. He hadn't been a hunter for awhile. He'd chosen a new path. Now, he was on the hunt for the right man to share his new life with. When Dean saw Jensen at a crowded dance club, he decided to take the chance and claim him for his own. Will Jensen prove to be what Dean needs to fulfill his dark desires?
Note: Col and I haven't written together in awhile so this was a treat for me. Damon

You Belong to Me

Sometimes it made Dean smile wondering how his baby boomer upper middle class clients would react to who he became after his classic muscle car restoration business closed for the day. Dean would go home to his ranch style house in the suburbs and strip off the jeans and t-shirts he wore under his mechanic coveralls each day. He'd take a shower to wash away the residue of his work day usually taking the opportunity to stoke himself off as he did so. Fresh from the shower he'd change into his new hunting gear, leather pants, full leather harness, thick soled leather boots and sometimes a peaked leather cap to complete the look. Dean had been going on these hunts fairly frequently since he settled into his new life. He'd go out on the town and search out a hot young stud and indulge his dark desires for the night. It had all been new and exciting for awhile but since his birthday, Dean was thinking of a more permanent arrangement. Now, he was hunting for a partner. He thought of the look on Sam's face when they had met for Sunday brunch and he'd told him the news. Sam didn't seem to think Dean would find what he was looking for. As the months had passed, Dean was starting to wonder if his baby brother right, but he continued hunting because it wasn't in Dean to just give up.

Tonight he tried something different. Dean didn't go to any of the fetish or leather bars he usually hunted in. This time he went to a huge gay dance club called The Coliseum. He had heard that it was where all the hottest guys went to hook up. It was about 9:30 and the place was already mostly full. Dean made his way through a sea of bare chested bodies as he headed to the upper tier of the club so he could wait and watch for his prey. As an hour passed, Dean had seen several guys who fit the general type that he was looking for, but none of them really called to him.

Dean went and refreshed his drink, then took up his spot leaning against the rail and watching the dance floor below. A few minutes later, he saw the blond walk out onto the dance floor with three other guys. It was obvious from the body language that the foursome were friends out having fun on a Friday night. The small group all still had their shirts on as they danced together and laughed occasionally. Dean knew instinctively that he wasn't going to be able to just go down there and take the blond away with him. This was going to take a bit more finesse. Dean finished off his drink and headed down the stairs. He waited until the group left the dance floor with the blond the last in line. Dean bumped into the young slim man making it seem like an accident.

The blond looked up at him and started to apologize, but was caught up in Dean's intense gaze. The blond stared up at him with his lips slightly parted and Dean had to force himself not to take advantage of the situation by claiming a kiss.

What's your name?” Dean asked in a deep soft tone as he gently grasped the blond's shoulder.

I'm Jensen. Jensen Ackles.” The blond answered a bit breathlessly as he continued to be held unmoving by Dean's intense gaze.

I'm Dean. Call me when you're ready to change your life.” Dean said as he slipped a card with his cell phone number into the young man's hand, then turned and disappeared into the crowd.

Jensen stood there stunned for a moment. No one had ever affected him like that before. He could still feel the electric tingles on his shoulder where Dean had touched him. He looked at the card clutched in his fingers and smiled. He had no doubt that Dean could change his life, but was he ready for that? Jensen began to push through the crowd to find Jared, Christian and Steve. He wasn't sure if he was going to tell them about the handsome stranger. Maybe it would be his secret for now.


Dean had just gotten cleaned up from the garage when his cell phone rang Sunday afternoon. He smiled cause he just knew it was the blond, Jensen, before he answered the phone.

Hello, Jensen.” Dean said in his deep seductive voice.

Hi. I uh, was wondering what you meant by change my life.” Jensen said softly.

Why don't you come here for dinner and we'll discuss it.” Dean replied and gave Jensen the address.

Okay. I'll see you in an hour.” Jensen said sounding nervous as he ended the call.

Dean whistled as he prepared a steak and potatoes dinner for him and his guest. He had a feeling that Jensen was the one he'd been hunting for. Dean had the boy on the hook. He just needed to reel him in.

Jensen changed clothes three times before settling on a forest green henley and black jeans. He spiked up his hair like it had been on the night at the club where he'd met Dean. He took a deep breath to calm his nerves as he headed out the door to his truck. He had a feeling that the handsome stranger was going to become an important part of his life. Jensen was nervous and excited about that prospect.

Dean heard Jensen pull up in his truck and took one last look in the mirror before going to the door to greet him. He was wearing a nice onyx button down tucked into faded jeans and his favorite black leather motorcycle boots. He smiled at his reflection. He knew he looked hot and that Jensen would notice.

Jensen knocked on the door and shifted his weight from one foot to the other as he waited anxiously for Dean to answer. He hadn't expected the leather daddy to live in a nice suburb like this in a well kept home. Jensen almost laughed as he'd been expecting to drive up to an S&M or leather club and find Dean living in the dungeon there. He had a feeling the older man might be full of surprises.

Dean swung the door open after Jensen knocked softly. The two men stared at each other and smiled appreciatively before Dean spoke. “Come in, Jensen. You have great timing. I was just getting ready to put dinner on the table.” The older man stepped back so Jensen could walk in and follow him to the dining room.

I've always been punctual. I don't like to keep people waiting.” Jensen said nervously as he walked behind Dean and stared at the older man's ass in his tight jeans.

Dean and Jensen talked a little as they shared their meal of thick grilled steaks, smoked baked potatoes, steamed vegetables and a crisp red wine. Dean found out that Jensen worked at a sports medicine rehabilitation center. Jensen was intrigued to find out that the older man restored classic muscle cars. Dean served cherry pie for dessert which delighted the younger man. It turned out they both had a love for pies served piping hot.

After dinner, they settled in the entertainment room with small glasses of port. Dean found it was another taste they had in common. As the two men drank their port and talked, Jensen felt apprehension building in him. He had a feeling that the other shoe was going to drop at any moment. When both their glasses were empty, they set them on the glass table in front of the sofa and faced each other.

How about I tell you the impression I've gotten of you since you've been here and you tell me if I'm right.” Dean said as he locked gazes with the younger man sitting only a few feet away from him.

Jensen heard the sound of a shoe falling and banging against the floor in his mind and his lips twitched in an almost smile. He was suddenly very nervous about what Dean might say. He looked into the older man's intense deep green eyes and took a calming breath before nodding at him.

You're a good boy, Jensen. You have been your whole life. You always did what your parents told you. You followed the rules. You went to college and got your degree and settled into the vanilla life they wanted you to lead. You've dated respectable men just as they would want you to do. On the surface, your life seems ideal but beneath it all, you yearn for something more. You want to break the rules and walk on the wild side. You want to be controlled and owned and shown what real passion is. You want to be pushed to your limits and beyond by a man who knows how to wield that power. You want to experience pleasure and pain as one with a man you can trust. A man who will give you what you need and gets what he needs in return. I am that man, Jensen. Surrender your control to me and I will give you all the things you've dreamed of.” As Dean talked, he moved closer to Jensen on the sofa. Now, their thighs were touching and Dean gripped Jensen's shoulder lightly as he stared into his wide green eyes.

Jensen was shocked that Dean had seen into him so easily. Was he really that transparent? Everything the older man had said was true. For twenty five years he had led the life his parents wanted him to lead. Now, he wanted to taste the life he desired. “You're right. I want you to be the man to show me all the things I've dreamed of. I will give you control over me, Dean.”

Dean pulled the younger to him and plundered his lips in a deep claiming kiss. He fully explored the blond's mouth as he sucked and nipped his tongue, then did the same to his plump lips. When he was finished, Jensen's lips were red, swollen and tender. The younger man's face was flushed with excitement and his breathing was harsh with arousal. No one had ever kissed him like that before. Like they owned him and could do whatever they wanted with him. Jensen was so hard it hurt and he wanted more. He wanted to be owned by the handsome man sitting so close to him. Dean smiled at the need shining in the younger man's eyes. He pressed his hand over Jensen's aching cock and squeezed. Jensen whimpered at the firm touch needing so much more.

Dean took Jensen to a special room in the basement and began introducing him to new sensations taking him to dizzying heights of arousal. A part of Jensen was afraid of the deep well of passion that Dean had discovered in him, but most of him yearned for this domination and exploration. Jensen had found a new addiction under Dean's skilled hands. He loved the spanking and light lashings that pinked the flesh of his ass and thighs. He craved the soothing attention of Dean's lips and tongue as they caressed his sensitive skin and invaded his body pushing him to even higher peaks of pleasure. Dean's pierced tongue rimming him was nirvana and Jensen wept out his pleasure and begged Dean to take every part of him, to make him feel even more. Dean was convinced he had chosen correctly. Jensen was everything he had been looking for and more. Now, Dean felt the need to own him completely.

You Belong To Me - Sexhibition

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I am crushing on Dom Dean! I can't wait to read more!

Dom Dean is smoking hot! Next part will be even hotter!

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