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You Belong to Me - Exhibition
Dean Seriously Sexy

Title: You Belong to Me - WIP
Author: Machiavelliande
Pairing: Dean/Jensen, Misha/Adam
Rating: NC17
Warning: slash, Dom/sub, sounding, restraints, wedge, dildo, studded cock ring
Disclaimer: We don't own Dean or Jensen or any variation there of.
Summary: Dean had turned thirty five a few months earlier. It had been a turning point of sorts for him. He hadn't been a hunter for awhile. He'd chosen a new path. Now he was on the hunt for the right man to share his new life with. When Dean spots Jensen at a crowded dance club, he decides to take a chance and claim him for his own.
A/N: Dean set up a sexy exhibition for Jensen that we think you'll enjoy. ;) Damon & Col

You Belong to Me


Dean had made a call the night before to his old friend Misha. He requested a special exhibition that Misha was more than happy to provide. When Jensen arrived at Dean's home, the older man took him straight to the bedroom and ordered him to strip. Dean undressed and put on a studded cock ring for later. He told Jensen to get on the bed on his hands and knees that he had a special surprise for him. The younger man got into postion and looked over his shoulder curiously at Dean as he retrieved a dildo from the night stand.

This is a very special toy. You're going to like it.” Dean said in his deep caressing voice as he lubed up the dildo that had raised nubs of rubber up and down it's eight inch length and a base grip. He moved behind Jensen and massaged the muscular globes of his ass before leaning over his sub's body. He enjoyed covering Jensen like this surrounding him, owning him with his touch. Dean's rock hard cock pressed against the younger man's ass as he ran his hands possessively over the blond's taut body. Jensen trembled a little under the firm caress of his master. He bit down on his plump lower lip to keep from making noise. He knew that Dean wanted him quiet right now. Dean smiled as he sucked a bruise into the sensitive skin beneath Jensen's ear. He loved that the boy was staying perfectly still and silent as he preferred during this part of their time together. It built the tension and anticipation for what was to come. Dean moved his attention to Jensen's ear lobe sucking, nibbling then biting down rather hard. The younger man's body tensed for a moment then relaxed as he moaned softly. Dean released his ear lobe and moved back to line up the dildo with Jensen's entrance. He pushed firmly and the thick tip popped past the ring of muscle and inside the blond's tight ass. Jensen cried out and arched his back at the sensation of the thick nubbed shaft penetrating him as Dean forced it deeper inside. The dom chuckled to himself as he flicked the switch that caused the dildo to rotate. Jensen's body went rigid with shock for a moment at the sensation of stretching, rubbing and digging as the thick nubs twirled against his inner walls. Dean tortured him with the whirling rod for several minutes as Jensen whimpered and mewled and clutched at the sheets.

Dean was always a bit stunned by the sheer beauty of the boy in the throes of passion. The dom could no longer restrain his lust as he withdrew the dildo and replaced it with his thick throbbing prick that was longer and thicker than the dildo. Jensen cried out as Dean buried himself to the hilt iside him. His inner walls gripped tightly the thick rod that was driving into him relentlessly. Each time Dean was buried completely the studs around his cock ring slammed into Jensen's rim punishing and pleasuring in equal measure. Jensen mewled and begged and tore at the sheets with his fingernails. Dean knew what the boy wanted and needed and he was more than ready to give it to him. He plowed into the younger man with hard long strokes that forced Jensen down flat on the mattress. Dean covered the younger man's body as he continued to pound into him moving the body beneath him with each powerful thrust. The movement caused Jensen's throbbing dick to drag across the sheets. Dean knew they were both reaching their climax. He pulled up the boys hips, reached beneath him and began to jerk his cock almost violently.

Come with me!” Dean growled in Jensen's ear and they both began to pump thick ropes of come from their engorged shafts. When they had spent their release, Dean pulled them onto their sides for a moment and petted the boy until his breathing was normal again. “Let's take a shower, then I have a special surprise for you.” Dean said as he pulled out of the boy and got off the bed.

Jensen was still weak from his orgasm so Dean carried him to the shower and held onto him as he got them both clean. After that, Jensen seemed to recover some of his strength and they got dressed. Dean led him out to his car a cherry condition black 67 Impala. Jensen lovingly touched the car as he always did when they went for a ride. He wondered what kind of surprise his master had arranged for him. He knew better than to ask. As soon as they backed out of the drive, Jensen unzipped Dean's leather pants and lifted his already hardening cock out. One of the many things he'd learned was that Dean liked to be blown while he drove.

Jensen had taken Dean all the way to the edge then backed off half a dozen times before the dom parked his classic car. Now Jensen took him all the way in the hot wet depths of his mouth and swallowed around him. Dean raised his hips and held onto the back of Jensen's head as he pumped his load of hot spunk deep into the boy's throat. When he was finished, he released the younger man and Jensen carefully cleaned his cock before tucking it back into his leather pants and zipping him up. Dean was very pleased with the boy so he pulled him up and kissed him hard to show his approval. Jensen moaned happily into the kiss. He loved to please his master.

They got out of the Impala and Jensen looked up at the large warehouse in front of him. He looked to Dean questioningly, but the older man just smiled as he attached a chain leash to Jensen's fur lined collar. Dean walked up the steps to a door, keyed in an eight digit code and walked into a large bar. Jensen's eyes few wide as he took in the huge room that was filled with men in leather. They stayed to the left hand side of the thronged dance floor and made their way down a dark hall. At the third door on the left, Dean stopped and swung the door open. A slim built dark haired man in leather pants was strapping a young blond down onto a wedge shaped cushion on a raised platform in the center of the room.

Hey Dean! Right on time as usual.” The black haired man said as he looked over and smiled.

Misha, this is my boy, Jensen. I want him to expand his horizons tonight with this little sexhibition.” Dean said with a rakish smile.

Adam and I have got quite a show planned for you two. Get comfortable. You're gonna like this.” Misha said with a wicked grin.

Adam was reclining on the wedge in the center of the platform. His ass was tilted up on the higher end of the slant. His arms were above his head and cuffed to the restraints on the wedge. His torso was stretched to show his six pack off. His ankles were cuffed to the sides of the bottom of the wedge and his legs were spread wide.

Dean sat down in a comfortable stuffed chair and pulled Jensen down on his lap. He held the younger man back against his broad muscular chest and rested his head on the boy's shoulder.

Misha kneeled between Adam's legs and looked over at Dean and Jensen. He held up a thin silver wand that glinted in the light. He carefully lubed it, then began to push it into Adam's piss slit. The blond arched his body and pulled against his restraints for a moment. Misha soothed the young man and slid the wand in deeper. Adam's head laid back and and he began to moan.

Dean worked his hand into Jensen's pants and began to stroke his cock and play with his balls. Jensen pressed back against his dom and moaned at the stimulation he was receiving.

The black haired man slid the wand in even further and Adam cried out “god yes” as Misha began to twirl the curved piece of silver inside his slit. The blond groaned loudly, then Misha extracted the wand slowly.

Misha turned and picked up another longer thicker silver wand, lubed it then began to insert it into Adam's slit. The blond strained at his cuffs as his body bowed up off the wedge. The first wand had gone in about six inches this one went in eight and Jensen could see that the slit hole was gaping open as the black haired man removed the silver curved wand.

Misha held up a third silver wand that was over ten inches long and very thick. Jensen shuddered involuntarily as he watched the dark haired man lube the wand and turn to Adam. Jensen gasped as he felt Dean's finger press against his own slit. His eyes were riveted on the stage as Misha began to feed the large wand into the blond's slit. Adam's body arched and he screamed long and loud for a moment then he went slack.

What is this called what he's doing to him?” Jensen asked in a hushed voice as Dean continued to stroke and squeeze his cock and balls.

It's called sounding.” Dean growled softly against Jensen's neck. “I want to take you home and try it.”

Take it out! I'm gonna come!” Adam yelled and Misha took the wand out carefully. Adam screamed again as he shot out thick ropes of semen that coated him from chin to stomach.

Misha smiled and said, “Now, I'm gonna fuck you til you pass out. You guys are welcome to stay and watch.”

Maybe next time. We've got things to do.” Dean growled as he stood up with his hand still down Jensen's pants.

Jensen could feel the urgency in his dom and couldn't wait to get back to his place and experience the new sensations of sounding. He was always eager to learn and explore with Dean.

You Belong to Me - Claimed

Kinky and dirty hot.

Kinky & Dirty Hot are some of my fave things! *smirk*

wow!! that was awesome!!

Mmmm...awesome! Love that word!

(Deleted comment)
Hey Babe!
Good to see you here! *hugs* Col and I are having a lot of fun writing this! I've always had a kink for sounding and we thought this was the perfect place for that sexhibition! We look forward to seeing you back here for the update!
Hugs, Whips & Licks

OMG! I am just...Wow! I can't wait for more! So damn sexy!

It seems you got a bit tongue tied there. I can help you with that!

I just love how you write kink! Damn Hot! *whew*

I just love Kink! Glad you enjoyed the heat!

oh wow, wow, wow. I liked that very much!! :)

I'm glad you liked the Sexhibition! Col and I sure liked writing it! ;)

Damn! I totally want more of this! Excellent work!

There will be more soon! I'm glad you're enjoying the heat!

You had me at sounding! You sure know how to send a girl to her bunk! I love that quality in a man! *smooches*

Just the say word and I'll join you in your bunk! *naughty grin*

I really enjoy a hot sounding session and this was awesome!

I totally enjoy a hot sounding session too! XXX

I would never have thought to put Misha & Adam together but OMG that was hot! I am looking forward to more of this!

Col and I thought Misha and Adam are a nice contrast! We enjoyed writing them together!

I'm totally into the fic and you put the Impala in it! Rock On!

The Impala has been sorely missed the last few episodes. We were happy to have Baby in our fic!

Ohhhh. . .what a lovely chapter! I love what you are doing with this and look forward to reading the next installment.

Edited at 2011-11-21 01:47 am (UTC)

Col and I are stoked that you are loving our Dean/Jensen fic! We are having a great time writing this pairing! See you for the update!

(Deleted comment)
Col and I had a great time writing the Sexhibition! I've always enjoyed a hot sounding session! For Dean, I would even consider being a sub! He could explore me any way he wanted! *smirk*
We'll try to update soon!

Mmmm....Love the update Damon! You are the Master!
Lady Boy Smooches!

I'll be your Master any day of the week, Drew.
Nips and Licks

Great work, Damon! I'll be watching for the update!

We'll try to post soon! See you back here!


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