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You Belong to Me - Complete
Dean Seriously Sexy
Title: You Belong to Me - Complete
Author: Machiavelliande

Pairing: Dean/Jensen
Rating: NC17
Warning: slash, Dom/sub, sounding, restraints, wedge, blind fold, cock ring
Disclaimer: We don't own Dean or Jensen or any variation there of.
Summary: Dean had turned thirty five a few months earlier. It had been a turning point of sorts for him. He hadn't been a hunter for awhile. He'd chosen a new path. Now he was on the hunt for the right man to share his new life with. When Dean spots Jensen at a crowded dance club, he decides to take a chance and claim him for his own.
A/N: Time for Jensen to experience total domination and for Dean to claim him. We're glad you've enjoyed our Dean/Jensen story. XOX Damon & Col

You Belong to Me


By the time Dean and Jensen arrived back at the large ranch style house, the younger man was practically trembling with anticipation. He had a feeling this was some sort of final test. If he passed, Dean would invite him to stay here with him. Jensen desperately wanted to pass the test, but he was a little afraid of the sounding. What if he couldn't take it? What would happen if he asked Dean to stop? He couldn't go back to the life he'd had before. The older man had awakened something within him. Jensen wanted only to surrender to his desires from this day forward.

Dean led Jensen to a room in the basement outfitted with a raised platform and wedge. He undressed the younger man quickly and cuffed him face up on the wedge. Dean undressed slowly revealing his hard body inch by inch to Jensen. The young man was struck by a thought as the dom leaned his head back and let the harsh light flow over him. The older man looked like a fallen angel, divine and defiant in his human form.

Do you trust me?” Dean purred as dark green his eyes locked onto Jensen's.

Yes, Sir.” Jensen breathed out softly.

Dean leaned in and kissed his beautiful boy with surprising tenderness, then he blindfolded him. Jensen tensed because his master had never done that before.
Dean soothed him with a few soft words before he began to suck and nip at Jensen's nipples making them pebble hard. He attached clamps to the raised peaks and Jensen hissed then whimpered at the aching pain to his sensitive flesh. The younger man relaxed as Dean kissed him deeply and he surrendered himself to the dom. Jensen wanted to experience the heights of arousal and sexual stimulation and the dom was going to take him there. As the younger man gave up control Dean tweaked the nipple clamps drawing a moan from him.

Dean smiled and said, “Good Boy,” as he slid down between Jensen's taut thighs.

He licked, tongued and bit a trail up the blond's inner thighs as he made his way to the pink bud that he would open and invade. Dean teased at Jensen's pucker with first his tongue then his fingers. Jensen moaned and begged for more as the older man prepped him. He whimpered when Dean withdrew his tongue and fingers. Dean already had the studded cock ring on. He added a silicone ring with ridges halfway down his thick rod and a large metal ring that fit just beneath the crown of his thick rod. He was generous with the lube then he pressed deep into the core of the blond who arched up off the wedge and cried out. The sensation of Dean's banded and ridged cock invading his tight channel had Jensen straining against his restraints and mumbling incoherently as his cock leaked copious amounts of precome onto his taut belly. Dean dug his thick fingers into the blond's left thigh as he bit down on his shoulder and carefully squeezed his other hand around Jensen's neck giving the boy a full range of sensations.

The wedge ensured that the younger man was held in place and opened up fully to the dom's desires. The domination wasn't total yet but it soon would be. Dean kissed the blond deeply for a moment before he pulled out of him and climbed on top of him chest. He slapped Jensen's kiss swollen lips with his cock and the blond opened up for him. Dean shoved his thick rod all the way in and the younger man gagged a little before he relaxed his muscles and deep throated his master to his release. Dean painted Jensen's lips, chin, neck and chest with his come before he got off of him.

Take a deep breath and relax. You will enjoy this.” Dean purred in a deep soft tone that soothed the blond.

Dean took hold of Jensen's cock and angled it away from his body. He pressed the cold steel tip of the sounding wand against the younger man's piss slit. Jensen gasped and cried out as the wand invaded his body slowly. After a moment, he began to feel an electric current of sensual pleasure pulsing through his cock as he grew hard around the wand. It was like the dom had found a whole new way of fucking him and he loved it. There was a strange feeling of emptiness as Dean slid the first wand out. It was quickly replaced by a thicker steel tip entering the blonds distended slit. Jensen cried out at this second invasion and pulled against the restraints that held him easily.

Relax and enjoy the sensation. I can tell you like the way this feels. Just let go.” Dean's deep soothing voice washed over him and the blond relaxed.

Jensen began to feel the electric pulses of arousal again as he hardened around the larger wand. The dom glided the steel into him and turned and twirled it. The blond felt his balls rising and the tingling at the base of his spine.

I'm gonna come!” Jensen shouted and Dean carefully removed the wand so the blond could come.

The dom took the younger man's cock in his mouth and swallowed down his come savoring the sweet and salty flavor. He smiled as aftershocks rocked the boys body on the wedge. Dean uncuffed Jensen and told him to turn over and lay his chest down on top of the wedge with his legs out straight behind him so his weight was supported on his toes. Jensen was in a basic push up postion as Dean cuffed his hands back to the wedge. The dom spread the blond's legs out wider and settled between them. He grabbed onto Jensen's slim hips and rammed his cock all the way in him to the base. Jensen's body went rigid but Dean was already setting up a merciless rhythm riding him deep and hard. It didn't take long for the blond to get with the program and soon he was moaning and mewling under the onslaught. Dean changed things up by swinging first one leg then the other over the boys while continued to plow into him. He held the blond's legs together to clamp his hot channel tight around his invading shaft. When Dean sensed the boy was about to collapse, he pulled out and uncuffed him. The dom sat on the wedge and pulled the blond down on his lap facing away from him. Dean took hold of Jensen's bruised hips and pulled him down on his cock until he was buried to the hilt inside him.

Now, Boy, you are going to experience total domination. I am going to possess you in every orifice and you are going to surrender completely to me. When this is done, you will belong to me. Do you understand?” Dean purred against the side of Jensen's sensitive neck.

Yes, Sir.” Jensen replied softly as he relaxed back against the muscular wall of the dom's chest.

Dean began to insert the third sounding wand into Jensen's piss slit. The blond took ragged gasping breaths as the wand went in a full six inches, then was rotated slowly inside him. The dom took great care as he removed the steel and replaced it with a larger size. Jensen shuddered as the cold steel pressed deep inside him making him feel too full. Dean began to pump his hips now moving his thick cock in and out of the blond's tight channel. Jensen laid his head back against Dean's shoulder and let the sensations take him to a peak he'd never experienced before. Dean stuck two thick fingers into the boy's mouth and Jensen began to suck them as eagerly as he had the dom's cock earlier. Dean continued to rock his hips as he twirled the wand inside the blond's slit and thrust his fingers into the blond's hot eager mouth.

This is total domination,” Dean purred softly against the blond's throat raising gooseflesh. “I get to service all of your orifices at once. You get to experience extreme stimulation. Now, Jensen, you belong to me. Come with me.”

Dean pulled out the wand as he thrust deep and hard into Jensen's ass and pressed his fingers into the blond's mouth. Jensen's body shuddered as he pumped out a huge load of spunk that coated his cock and balls. Dean growled possessively as he came deep inside the blond's tight channel. Then he removed his fingers from the young man's mouth, pulled his head back and kissed him hard. He captured the blonds tongue, pulled it into his mouth and sucked on it as they recovered from their orgasms. When they were able to, they went upstairs and showered together. Dean gently cleaned the boy and took him to his bed.

We'll start moving your things here tomorrow. From now on, you stay with me.” Dean purred softly into the blond's ear.

Yes. I belong to you, Sir.” Jensen replied as he snuggled up against his master's warm muscular chest.

You belong to me.” Dean said as he smiled in the darkness, wrapped his arm around the boy and held him close.

Note: Col and I really enjoyed writing this story. We're glad you have enjoyed reading it! XOX Damon

Absolutely Loved This Fic!!

You are made of Awesome! This was totally hot and sexy! Thanx for sharing with us!

Re: Absolutely Loved This Fic!!

I love to deliver the heat! I'm stoked you had a good time reading our fic!

(Deleted comment)
Col & I do enjoy the Heat! *wicked smirk* I'm stoked you enjoyed Dom Dean and sub Jensen!

Naughty & very NICE!

I totally loved this Naughty Sexy Dean/Jensen story! You and Col are my OTP! *smishes*

Re: Naughty & very NICE!

Thank you Gorgeous! Col and I are very fond of you too!
Tongue Stud Kisses!

You sure delivered the heat! I will be looking forward to reading more of your sexy stories!

I'm stoked you enjoyed our Dom Dean and sub Jensen story!

I love your Dom/sub stories! They are amazingly hot yet tender! I will be watching for your next fic! *huggles*

Col and I had a great time writing Dom Dean and sub Jensen! I'm stoked that you loved our fic!

Is it wrong that I want Dean to Dom me?! I'd love to call him master! *rawr*
Fabulous Fic Damon & Col!
Glitter Smooches

I would even call Dean master! The man is nuclear hot! We're stoked that you loved the fic, Drew!
Tongue Studded Kisses

I am gonna have some sexy dreamz tonight! *whew*

Enjoy the Sexy dreaming, Babe! *naughty grin*

Bravo! I thoroughly enjoyed Dean claiming Jensen! HOT!

Col and I thoroughly enjoyed writing Dean claiming Jensen!

Col & I do love to bring on the heat!

Whoa! I may have to try sounding! That was damn hot! Great fic!

If you do try it, let me know what you thought of it! Col & I do love to deliver the heat! *wicked smirk*

You always send me to my bunk! Love how you write Dom/sub sex! I hope to see more from you and Col soon!

I love sending you to your bunk, Nic! I hope you weren't alone. Col and I had a great time with this fic! We're stoked you did too!

Dean and Jensen are nuclear hot together! I am so glad you two decided to write this pairing! Dirty bad and oh so right!

Col and I had a great time writing this nuclear hot pairing! We're stoked you enjoyed reading our fic! We love dirty bad and oh so right!

Total Domination of Jensen?! Sign me up! Loved this Damon & Col!

I think we'd all like to sign up for Total Domination of Jensen! That's definitely on my bucket list! *smirk*

I am gonna have some naughty luscious dreams tonight! Thanks Master!

I hope you enjoyed those tasty sexy dreams! *naughty grin*
Nips & Licks

Absolutely LOVE it from the very start to the end of the story!

Well done Damon and Col!

We're stoked that you loved Dom Dean/sub Jensen! We sure had a great time writing them for you!


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