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Professor Sir
Professer JDM

Title: Professor Sir Part 1 of 2
Author: Mac De
Pairing: Jeffrey/Jenna/Jared
Rating: NC17

Disclaimer: I don't Jeffrey, Jensen, Jared or any variation thereof.
Warning: het, dom/sub, oral, spanking, biting, humiliation, jealousy, rough sex, dirty talk
Summary: Jenna Ackles favorite college course is Historic Erotic Literature. She loves the classical stories and poems containing intense sensual passages of unbridled lust and uncontrollable desire. Jenna has a crush on her hot professor, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, even though she is dating hunk Jared Padalecki. One day, Jenna gets more than just a lesson in erotic literature from Professor Morgan and jealous boyfriend Jared.

Professor Sir
Professor Sir JDM

Jenna sat and listened as her hot professor, Jeffrey Dean Morgan read classic erotic poems to her. She had set up this private tutor session earlier in the week and had looked forward to it with growing excitement. The smell of old books filled the chilly reading room as he voiced the lines of a sensual romantic poem. They were sitting among stacks of tattered volumes in the library's basement. Jenna sat watching her professor recite lines from poet after poet, thinking of the many naughty things she had fantasized about the sexy older man.

Professor Morgan taught Jenna's favorite class, "Historic Erotic Literature" classical stories and poems all about sex in one way or another. Reading the lines to herself was inspiring to say the least. She often masturbated while doing her assignments even going so far as to make sure and leave some evidence of her lust on them when she turned some of them in. Jenna had even caught her hot professor smelling a paper of hers once and almost swooned with desire.

And now, as she heard Professor Morgan's deep baritone reciting the words, all these elaborate metaphors for the dirtiest of deeds, she felt the need to touch herself again. She wondered if he would notice, as he was so engrossed in the books. Surely she could cross her legs without alerting him to her intentions.

Jenna leaned back in her chair and casually uncrossed and then recrossed her legs so that her jeans pressed against her warm pussy. She shifted slightly and then lightly bounced her foot. She could feel the soft rhythm on her clit, not enough to make her cum, but enough to fight off the need to touch herself for a little while longer.

Professor Morgan turned the page and glanced at her as he did. His eyes traveled knowingly down her leg and then returned to the poem. Jenna blushed a bit, but kept going. As the words became more and more arousing, her professor’s voice got lower and deeper. She tried to take notes on what he was reading, but she really couldn't concentrate. Jenna slipped a hand below the small desk table and quickly gave her pussy and clit a few desperate rubs and gropes. She closed her eyes and pictured the scene he was describing to her. She squeezed her pussy with her whole hand, as if to force the lust from it, but that only made it worse.

Jenna pressed her jeans into her slit, creating quite a camel toe in the process. She bit the tip of her pen as she worked her hand up and down her denim-covered slit. She softly ground her hips into her hand as she listened to Professor Morgan read about maidens in the garden, tasting the honey they find...

Jenna lazily opened her eyes to glance at her professor and froze when she saw that he was no longer reading, but reciting the lines from memory as he watched her. She stared, eyes wide, unsure of what to say.

"Well, now, what are we to do?" Professor Morgan asked smiling wickedly.

"Oh, um, sir, I am sorry, I just..." Jenna stammered as her face flamed red.

He put his finger to his lips to shush her. He lifted the book again and continued the poem. Jenna watched him for a minute and then saw him motioning for her to come closer. She walked around her desk and stood before him, unsure of what to do next. Without looking at her, the professor patted the stack of books in front of him and she obediently sat down on them.

"Keep going," Professor Morgan said to her, his eyes never leaving the page.

Jenna didn't move for a moment. She was still a bit hesitant about what she was getting into. He lowered the book slightly with a soft sigh and looked at her. "It's ok," he said as he nodded toward her pussy.

Jenna slid her hand to her crotch and started to move it back and forth. Satisfied, the handsome professor returned to reading, glancing every so often to make sure she was still doing as instructed. The butterflies in her stomach were dancing wildly as she touched and teased herself in front of her professor. Jenna tried to focus on his words which filled her with lust and soon she lost her inhibition. He smiled at her as she spread her legs wider and opened her jeans to ease her hand inside.

Jenna noticed the big bulge in his pants and grinned at the affect she was having on him. She stood up and pealed her jeans from her legs, leaving them bunched on the floor with just her little red thong to cover her wet pussy. Then, Jenna sat on Professor Morgan's knee as he continued to read to her. She ground her panty-clad pussy against the hard round cap of his knee and teased her clit with her hand. Professor Morgan's cock was thick against the side of his leg and clearly outlined in his dress slacks.

Jenna reached down to stroke his cock, but he dropped his book and grabbed her wrist.

"What are you doing?!" Professor Morgan demanded loudly.

"I just...I thought..." she struggled to answer.

"Did I say you could touch my cock?" He asked quickly.

Jenna just looked at him, not sure where this had come from. She never meant to upset him. Professor Morgan jerked her across him by her wrist and she was soon across his knees.

"This is what happens when you touch without permission," Professor Morgan said as he slapped his hand across her right cheek. His hand smacked hard against her small round ass. He spanked again and again as she tried to get out of his grip. The stinging on her ass was making her pussy tingle even as she fought it. Her professor smiled and continued to slap his hand hard across her quickly pinking cheeks.

"Stop it! Stop!" Jenna squealed. She knew she didn't really mean it. She enjoyed the naughty attention of her sexy professor. The pain actually started to feel good. Jenna liked the warm sensation of her ass as he smacked her and she liked how dirty she felt, being spanked across his knees.

"You want me to stop? I don't think so." He pushed her off his lap onto the floor. The professor walked across the room and locked the door of the reading room. Then, he pulled off his belt as he turned back to her. "Take off your shirt," Professor Morgan ordered her.

"Yes, sir," Jenna said and unbuttoned her blouse. She dropped it to the floor and knelt there on the floor in only her lacy red bra and thong. The professor took her hands and wrapped his belt around them. Jenna's hands were shaking now fear and lust confusing her. She had fantasized about being used by him, even about being spanked, but now she was afraid.

Professor Morgan lifted her up and wrapped the other end of the belt around the leg of his chair.

"Please! No! Not like this," Jenna whimpered.

He sat down in the chair and spanked her as she knelt in front of it, reaching behind Jenna to her thong clad ass. He pulled her forward to him so that her chest rested on his lap and he had easy access to punish her sweet little ass.

"Now be a good girl and stop talking," Professor Morgan said as he slapped her ass again.

He brought down his hand again, gripped her cheek with his other hand and squeezed it a bit too hard. She nodded her response. The sting of the slap vibrated though her body. His cock grew harder under Jenna as she wiggled with each spank. It pushed against his pants into her round tits pressed onto his lap. Her nipples were erect peaks against the lace of her bra. Jenna told herself it was only the chilly room.

"You are my favorite student. You should be ashamed for acting like such a slut," Professor Morgan scolded her.

"Yes, sir," Jenna whimpered, her face red with shame.

"Damnit, girl! Be Quiet!" He roared as he spanked her again.

"Ahh!" She screamed, her lips bruised from biting them hard to muffle her cries.

Professor Morgan let his hand linger for a few long seconds on her freshly spanked ass then slipped it down between her cheeks. He pushed the lace aside and prodded her tight little hole with his finger. A few teasing strokes to her tight little asshole and then he moved even further down to her yearning, wet pussy. She was such a wanton little horny.

Her mind was screaming that she was a whore for enjoying this, but yet her body ached for more. 'Yes, Mmm like that' was its silent plea.

"You are so wet, you little slut," he said. "I bet you have dirty little daydreams in class. While I'm at the watching me..."

"Yes, sir. Mmm...I do." Jenna confessed the truth.

SMACK! Professor Morgan slapped her ass again and then leaned down and bit a nice thick bit of flesh on her thigh. The searing pain of his bite made her body thrash. Jenna twisted and tried to pull away, but he held her on his lap. The feel of his hard cock pressed against her tits made her grind against him hoping for more. He trailed his tongue up to her hot wet pussy and bit again near her lips; her little round ass bounced in his face. He spanked again and felt his cock aching to be out. Hot pulses of pain and pleasure jolted though her as Professor Morgan continued to bite and lick.

"Your wiggling has my cock all stirred up and hard. That's what happens when you act like such a whore. Is that what you wanted, slut?"

"Yes, sir."

"Then tell me, whore," he said. "Tell me what you want."

"I want your cock, Sir."

SMACK! "You can do better than that, you dirty little slut." Professor Morgan growled.

He grabbed her hair and pulled her head back. Her pretty little face looked up at him, her big doe eyes wide with fear and still watery from the many spanks on her soft tender ass.

"I am your dirty slut, sir. I want to suck your cock. Please, Sir." she said meekly.

He looked into her eyes with an angry spark that she'd not seen before.

"I..." she started, but was cut off by the anger in his look.

"You will suck my cock. I might even fuck you, but first you will swallow and gag on my hard prick that you've been teasing with those luscious tits of yours."

Professor Morgan reached down and pulled his cock out of his pants. He just held it there with his hand wrapped around the shaft, holding it below her face. Then, he slowly stroked it until a pearly drop of precum formed at the tip. His cock was really fat and thick. Jenna watched it pulsing hard in his hand. He kept her head held high by her hair, showing her what he knew she wanted.

Jenna just stared at his prick for a moment. She could almost taste it. She was such a cock slut. Her tongue darted out wanting to taste the precum, yet his hand in her hair would not allow it. He was tormenting her. His wicked smile showed how much he loved the game.

"Please!" Jenna begged. She could not tear her eyes from his throbbing cock.

"Suck it," He commanded her as he lowered her head to his lap.

Jenna gobbled it up, taking her tongue and working around the shaft, licking the head, sucking it in. She took it most of the way, but stopped short. Her mouth was filled with his thick cock. She was afraid of choking. Professor Morgan pushed her slightly and pressed her head further down. Jenna gagged a little as it moved into her throat and pulled back, but then his strong hand on her head pushed her back to it.

"Do not stop."

He pushed her harder and it went all the way in. Jenna swallowed as best she could and took his cock deeper into her mouth and throat. It was so thick in her mouth that she could scarcely breathe. She tried her best to swallow it down, but it was so thick and hard she only gagged more.

"That's a good girl, just like that," Professor Morgan praised her.

He took his other hand and rubbed the outer lips of her pussy through her panties. His hand felt so good Jenna absently started bucking her ass into it. The cock in her mouth was so big; she tried hard to keep her breathing even and not to gag. She could feel the cock stretching her throat moving deeper as he pushed her head lower. She imagined the feel of it in her pussy and moaned with the need to be fucked by him.

Jenna sucked his cock fervently, lashing it with her tongue and got him very wet and oh so shiny. She worked harder as she pumped her head up and down now taking as much of him as she could stand and then he forced even more. Jenna could barely hear the door click, but she quickly turned her head to look over.

Fear...real fear rushed though Jenna. Someone was there and she had her professor's whole cock in her mouth. Yet she couldn't stop. Her tongue ran along the underside of his cock and swirled on the tip only to move lower again. Her head bobbed up and down, as she thought of herself nearly naked with his hard shaft pumping into her mouth.

The handle jiggled on the door, but it remained locked. Jenna sighed with relief, until she heard the keys jingle.

The door swung open and her boyfriend, Jared, burst in. He stared in disbelief at the illicit scene before his eyes. His English Lit professor had told him to meet him here at 6:30, but he sure hadn't expected to find this.

"Good of you to come, Jared," Professor Morgan declared with a decidedly wicked grin.

Professor Sir Part 2

Oh Shit!!! More pleaseeeeeeeeee hurryyyy

I'll be working on the update today to feed your craving for more!

Jenna is a naughty little slut and I can't wait for Jared to punish her for blowing Professor Morgan! MORE!

I think you're going to enjoy what Jeff & Jared have in store for Jenna!

I've missed your hot kinky fics, Damon! Welcome back Sexy!
Kisses & Licks!

Thank You Babe! It's good to be back!

ABSOLUTELY AWESOME reading new fic from you!

I really loved this first part!!

It's good to be back after my motorcycle accident. I'll be working on part 2 today! It's gonna be dirty and hot!

I can't wait to see what Jared is going to do with Jenna! Professor Morgan is Wicked Sexy! *purr*

I have always thought JDM was wicked sexy! He and Jared are gonna turn up the heat to blazing in part 2!

OMG! That was ultra hot! I'm looking forward to the update!

Babe you haven't seen anything yet!

Muy Caliente! Please post part 2 soon!

I'm working on part 2 today to feed your hunger for more hotness!

So very good to have you back Damon! Loved this! HAWT!

It's very good to be back, Babe! Part 2 will be much hotter!

I used to have a crush on my Psych Prof in college! He was hot but not as hot as JDM! He is to die for!

I agree with you 100% that JDM is to die for! I would of loved to have a hot Prof like him in college!

Scorching narrative!
What a sly old dog Professor Morgan is...though I can't fault his method.

Waiting with bated breath to the sizzling outcome!

I am inspired by the idea of JDM as a hot Dom English Professor. I can imagine perfectly this scenario playing out in the secluded basement room of a university library.
Believe me Part 2 is going to be much hotter when Jared joins in the sexy fun!

You're back and better than ever! Can't wait for more!

Thanks, Babe! It feels great to be back!

Welcome back, Damon! I'm damn glad you're back writing after the accident. Is your motorcycle totaled? Really Hot Fic! Great job!

Thanks, Dan. My bike was smashed between the Hummer that hit me and the van on the other side. Col doesn't want me to get another motorcycle. We'll see.

I am loving this ultra hot fic! More please, Sir!

I'm only too happy to give you more, Babe!

I would love to be spanked by Professor Morgan! He is blazing Hot!

JDM is an incredibly hot Dom! I would even let him spank me!

I love sexy Professor Morgan! I want more!

I'm working on more to feed your craving!


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